Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Dear Citizen,                                                                         

The standardless and meritless legal system, controlled by the standardless and meritless "attorney profession", is allowing this standardless and meritless lawsuit to continue!

No American can feel safe as long as the BAR and their collaborative forces continue, without any proof(especially damages), to spur such intimidation. Yet so many in S.W. Virginia continue to support Virginian State Senator 25th District Creigh Deeds even though he continues to engage in state-sanctioned grand larceny and other purpoted criminal activities.

GUS DEEDS DIED! CREIGH DEEDS LIED! All people have the right to defend themselves against a real mortal threat even if they indeed cause a fatality as a result. However, no one has to right to lie about it and then try to profit immensely off of it. Always keep in mind that everything the Nazis and Communists did were totally legal.

As long as the BAR exists, we will no longer have the representative government rule of law that honors the US Constitution. We instead will have this grotesque and reactionary activities.

The People should know the law. It is the God Forsaken BAR that continues to pervert it.

                                                                  Harsha Sankar
                                                                  908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                                  Covington, Virginia 24426


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