Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Possible Re-Unification Of North And South Korea- A Harsha Sankar Article

As Kim Jong Un is strongly hinting towards unification with the South, this pathbreaking measure will never be credited to the one man who deserves some credit: President Donald Trump.
I know I have been critical of many of Trump's actions and inactions. However, what Trump did was comparable to what Reagan did back in the Eighties. Both did not talk softly but carried a big stick. Rather, they both talked boastfully as they engaged with their "enemies" but they kept their big sticks at bay.

Let's face it. If anyone other individual was President, America would have attacked North Korea by now. I truly believe that Trump stood up to the Deep State without antagonizing it too much. He constantly pressured North Korea to look for peace and now NK is.

The worst part is the Deep State and Military Industrial Complex will sabotage these new initiatives. It is up to Trump to make certain this does not happen without rocking the boat too much. It is a very delicate situation to kill the cancer,which is the ruling elite propped up by the lawyer-lobbyist regime, without killing the host(the government and nation itself). Everyday Trump walks the tightrope as his life is in danger every day.

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