Saturday, April 21, 2018

What If Martians Took Over The Legal System? -An Article By Harsha Sankar

All my letters consisted of different subjects. However, it is true that nearly all cited the "legal profession" and their impact. That is only because their totalitarian influence is intertwined with nearly aspects of people's lives. Their infiltration is nearly omnipresent.

The media is no longer the vigilant force it used to be and should be. Much of the media is controlled by their fiats and many of the media are BAR graduates themselves. So obviously Free Press is a thing of the past. The media, either via seduction or intimidation, has become lapdogs to the real "Status Quo PTBs".

There is no way a concerned individual cannot see the abuses and outrages that is inspired by BAR monopolistic rule. While they do their best to immerse themselves in non-transparency, people certainly are a witness to this.

One does not have to share any and all viewpoints. However, to censor someone because that individual chooses to cite, for the record, criticisms of the Ruling Elite is carrying water for these neo-colonialist hegemonic entities.

Dear Citizen,                                                              April 2018

Imagine if someone as prominent as Gandhi was told not to criticize British Rule. Actually he was told that and he ignored it because in all the different matters he wrote and spoke about, he had to state that either actively or in passing if he wanted to be effective in enacting change.

The whole world, especially America, is in a life or death struggle. Americans have been "lawyered" to abject submission as the NWO is being ushered in. Americans have never been more "unfree" until now as these pervasive influences have invaded all facets of their existence. It continues to regress and this cancer spreads.

What if Martians took over the entire legal system? For anyone to access it, he or she would have to speak Martian or hire someone, at a high price, who does. Yet Americans have allowed an organization that is alien to the US Constitution and its establishment of government to do just that.

Information is the currency of freedom.

                                                                          Very Truly Yours,
                                                                          Harsha Sankar
                                                                          908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                                          Covington, Virginia 24426


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