Sunday, April 17, 2011

Curtailing electoral system manipulation means curtailing legal system manipulation of the legal system

Dear Citizen, December 2010

American people should no longer be willing to accept vote fraud simply because “both sides do it”. Vote fraud is a crime regardless. It robs Americans of the government that was voted for. It has become rampant as it was promoted by many voting drive groups.

There were many cases of ballots exceeding votes legitimately cast. The following are examples of misdeeds that transpired this past election.

  1. When votes were cast for one candidate in Boulder City, Nebraska, the touch screen machine was already pre-set for another candidate.
  2. In New Bern, North Carolina, Sam Laughinghouse claimed he pushed the button twice to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed that all Democrats were checked.
  3. The return address of 250 absentee ballot applications is 1238 North Avenue, which happens to be a vacant lot.
  4. In Illinois and perhaps numerous other states, military personnel overseas were “accidentally” denied the right to vote since deadlines were missed. Apparently the DOJ will not pursue any punitive action.
  5. In Connecticut, a “Sanctuary City” issued thousand of ID’s accepted for voter registration, allowing illegal aliens to possibly elect the governor.

Reports of voter fraud have become endemic. There needs to be an end to software driven elections. Perhaps paper ballots or a vote count based on adding machine technology, coupled with grassroots verification, is the solution. In any event, objective investigations need to be launched into the vote gathering tactics in every city or county where the ballots in the ballot boxes exceed the number of votes legitimately cast, where properly registered voters were not allowed to cast votes, where pre-punched ballots were issued, or where any kind of vote fraud took place.

To curtail the wholesale manipulation of the electoral system, the prohibition of the wholesale manipulation of the legal system is in order. Transparency, uniformity, and clarity are a must. Ban attorneys from office.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar

908 Valley Ridge Road

Covington Virginia 24426

China's Ascension And America's Decline- End Of Jeffersonian America

Dear Citizen,

April 2011

Let us not mince words. The world is changing at such a fast rate and America has fundamentally changed.

The land of the free has been transformed into a socialized Big Brother nanny state, with the attorney-lobbyist regime in charge. The nation oozes with official corruption and with the biggest debt ever.

It is heartbreaking to watch America slowly die. 600,000 jobs are evaporating per month.

Three million families lost their homes in 2009. While economic statistics are dire, what is most notable are the comparisons to China.

1. Americans have been taught from the cradle that “U.S is Number One”. Yet China by next decade will have the world’s largest economy. By 2040,China’s economy will be three times larger than America’s if current trends continue.

2. In the 2000’s, America’s trade deficit with China skyrocketed nearly 300 percent.

3. In 1985, the yearly trade deficit between the two nations was $6million. Now it is over $300 billion per annum.

4. Today, the United States spends about $3.90 on Chinese goods for every $1.00 that China spends on U.S goods This is unbelievable!

5. America had been the leading consumer of energy on the globe for the last century until summer 2010. China now is.

6. China could be the global leader in patent filings by next year.

7. China is now the Number One producer on earth of wind and solar power.

8. China is now the Number One supplier of components that are critical to U.S defense systems. What a source for blackmail?

9. China now has the world’s fastest train and the world’s biggest high speed rail network

10. China now possesses the fastest supercomputer on the entire globe.

11.China controls currently over 90 percent of the total global supply of rare earth elements.

12. China’s biggest export to America is computer equipment. America’s biggest export to energy-starved China in 2010 was “Scrap and Trash”.

No doubt about it. China’s rapid rise and America’s dramatic decline will cause global imbalances on unparalleled levels. The U.S is in serious danger of being surpassed by China. Both Russia and China have announced they will quit using the US dollar when they trade with each other. This will have
devastating effects on the purchasing power of working Americans.

Obviously America must regain its top spot in manufacturing. Since 2000, 10% of middle class jobs have vanished. Despite America having more than double the population than in 1940, the nation now employs about the same number of people in industry.

While 1.2 billion cell phones were sold globally in 2008, zero and “zilch” were made in America.

What is the cultural revolution that is the root behind the rot?

Examine the following.
1.The landmark Dodds-Frank
2300 page Financial Reform Law has helped spawn a burgeoning cottage industry for parasitic law firms, lobbyists and consultants.They are rapidly stepping up to solicit potential whistleblowers and negotiate contracts with mega banks. Law firms cannot expand fast enough.

2.Attorneys claimed $877,000 of a $900,000 sexual abuse settlement against the Roman Catholic Church.

3.In September 2010, 83 Wal-Mart workers received an average of $2542.00 each in a class-action settlement. How much do their attorneys want? $ 2.57 million!

4.Large banks, hedge funds and private investors hungry for new and lucrative opportunities are bankrolling other people’s lawsuits.Hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped into medical malpractice claims, divorce battles and class actions against corporations, all in the hope of sharing huge potential winnings.

It is plain as day that the expanded role of the attorney–lobbyist profession is reducing America to beggar status. Decades of their subversion, culminating with the elevation of nearly all power positions by them, has assaulted daily American liberties, prosperity, culture and security.

It must be always remembered that most work done by the non-productive political/ruling class is meaningless and unnecessary. Every cent spent on something that is predatory yields on investment of zero if not negative return. Yes, advocates do indeed have its place in society. Restricted, limited and standardized,
people who provide “assistance of counsel” can have its desired effect.However, when boundaries are exceeded,
the opposite of the desired effect will occur and that is lawlessness.

It is this lawlessness that is eroding America’s competitiveness and innate talents of its people. While very few who believe in freedom will subscribe to the Chinese fascist model, America will become a basket case if it does not go back to at least its previous state of freedom. In 1970, there were one sixth the number of attorneys as there are now.That in itself is a very revealing statement.

Very truly yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road,
Covington, Virginia 24426