Tuesday, February 07, 2012

When People Demonstrate Resolve,Aristocracy Quivers-(An Article By Harsha Sankar)

January 2012

Dear Citizen,

It should be considered a monumental achievement when people demonstrative their drive and resolve in voicing their concerns about the arrogance of the aristocracy. People who exhibit such selflessness exhibit the qualities needed to reform such a corrupt,arbitrary and defective legal system. The laws that govern people are way too important to be left up to the attorneys. When this happens, manipulation, abuses, exploitation and ruthlessness become the norm and not the exception.

This nation was founded on self-government by the people who exhibited self-discipline. It was not built by the parasitic status quo who reserved the authority for themselves to decide who is entitled to what rights. This double standard is not only not a component in the creation of America’s ideals. It is what destroyed the Roman Empire, Nazi Germany, Yugoslavia, and the former Soviet Union. As a constitutional republic, people have the responsibility to stand up for what is right even it is not in their personal short-term self-interest. All the people who concerned themselves with this issue do just that. They must be commended for this assumption of responsibility.

Hundreds of millions of Americans are confronted with a legal system full to the brim of inequities.There has to be a long war in bringing about much-needed reforms to restore the common sense, humanity and Americanism in the legal process that made the United States distinct.Freedom is not free and Americans do not need to be in foreign country wielding a machine gun in order to fight for freedom.

When people working in unison,they can make the difference.The People must continue to apply pressure to see to it that the people of authority bestowed by us are held accountable for their deeds. Americans therefore must hold themselves to a higher degree of accountability.They must not compromise on principle even if it would be more convenient for them to do so. “Greasing” an attorney/lobbyist and succumbing to intimidation by allowing the onerous legal system to extort money are no longer acceptable. Some principles are not worth breaking regardless of magnitude and consequence.

Every American should consistently try to keep abreast on relevant developments and should call and write their elected officials and newspaper to express their views. All our problems are interrelated and all must participate to some extent if this vicious cycle is to be stemmed. American businesses,its employees,the police and even government are being stifled and contaminated by this outrage.Parasites prey on ignorance and self-indulgence to divide and conquer. Americans must hope to possess strong character in order to resist such tyranny.

"Mahatma" Gandhi never said that all or even most of the 50,000 Britishers that ruled India were bad or amoral. He only decried that their rule was bad and amoral. He expressed that the British were "Masters In Our Own Home" and it was time they left India.

The same is true for BAR Attorneys. By their illegal takeover of the American legal system and by their illegal occupation of office, they have become "Master In Our Own Home". It is time they left.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar