Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Dear Citizen,                                                                         

The standardless and meritless legal system, controlled by the standardless and meritless "attorney profession", is allowing this standardless and meritless lawsuit to continue!

No American can feel safe as long as the BAR and their collaborative forces continue, without any proof(especially damages), to spur such intimidation. Yet so many in S.W. Virginia continue to support Virginian State Senator 25th District Creigh Deeds even though he continues to engage in state-sanctioned grand larceny and other purpoted criminal activities.

GUS DEEDS DIED! CREIGH DEEDS LIED! All people have the right to defend themselves against a real mortal threat even if they indeed cause a fatality as a result. However, no one has to right to lie about it and then try to profit immensely off of it. Always keep in mind that everything the Nazis and Communists did were totally legal.

As long as the BAR exists, we will no longer have the representative government rule of law that honors the US Constitution. We instead will have this grotesque and reactionary activities.

The People should know the law. It is the God Forsaken BAR that continues to pervert it.

                                                                  Harsha Sankar
                                                                  908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                                  Covington, Virginia 24426

The Impending Disaster If BAR Attorneys Had Written U.S. Constitution- By Harsha Sankar

For a legal transaction, such as an Alibaba's IPO, to generate nearly $16 million in payment to one law firm and a few other attorneys, is beyond the corruption that one would ever see in third-world nations, including North Korea and Cuba.
So much for honest work for honest pay at a reasonable professional rate.Since the law is supposed to treat everyone the same and IPO's have been floated many times, this work should be basic. Most work is secretarial in nature that involve cutting and pasting,filling in the blanks, and xerox copying.

The US Constitution was a relative simple legal transaction that was simply written with precise meaning. Imagine if the BAR Attorney profession had gotten its hands on its drafting and creation? The US Constitution would be thousands of pages filled with vagueness, meaningless nomenclature, contradictions, and confusion. The intent of such an expected voluminous and nebulous piece of work would be to generate profit and perverse influence for themselves, a self-serving predatory organization.

These beyond ridiculous fees,many times beyond the highest levels of madness, must stop now. Massive amounts of money that go down the Black Hole of attorney corruption comes at the expense of working people and productive professionals.

Vascular Solutions Inc. based in Minnesota paid 25 million in five years in "legal fees" (100 lawyers from 14 different law firms)to defend oneself against government prosecutors. Also, in an $8.5 million settlement involving Google, $2.1 million went to a handful of attorneys, over 6 million went to charity, and the actual class action plaintiffs received nothing.

The BAR and those use their system have increased the absolute dominance in today's society due to their fake claims of  "legal education and knowledge". Everything they do is not by voluntary means but rather it is by brute forc.

Woe unto those who either actively support or even passively acquiesce to the captivity of their fellow man by this sinister organization. Those who do will never be considered patriots or servers of humanity. They will instead be regarded as poisoners and destroyers of liberties and also of the belief that rights are ordained by the Creator or Providence.

Those who continue to elevate the BAR to pedestal levels must be reminded to read Revelation 13:10. We must heed the Bible's warning of non-democratic institutions' control of our laws.

-"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints."

                                                                                Very Truly Yours,

                                                                                  Harsha Sankar
                                                                                  908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                                                  Covington, Virginia 24426

The World's First Anti-Hero (A Harsha Sankar Article)

The World's First Anti-Hero

Forsaken at birth by an unwed mother who would later become Queen, he would be found in a basket floating in a river by a charioteer and his wife, a poor but pious couple.

As he discovered his archery skills, he was discriminated against because of his parents' low standing. He then sought the tutelage of a famed military instructor by lying about his background. When by accident his teacher discovered his lie, he would be cursed that all his knowledge would fail him when his survival would depend upon it.

Later as he walking home in a forested area, he thought a wild animal was approaching him. He shot an arrow but killed a man's cow instead. The cowherd then cursed the young man,stating the he too would be killed when helpless.

There was this huge archery contest in which many participants attended. As expected, a certain ace archer dominated. Then this low caste individual suddenly crashed the gala.He equaled all the ace archer's feats and send the huge crowd into applause. While he was repeatedly insulted for his servant class status, there was a premier rogue prince who keenly observed his spectacular achievements and took him under his wing.

Many years later, the rogue prince's brothers and the ace archer's brothers would fight a civil war. The charioteer's son was banned from fighting for the first half, despite the rogue prince's insistence, because he was low caste. Eventually he would join the war and at the end, he would duel the ace archer in a life or death battle that would decide the war.As the fiercest battle ensued, his chariot's wheel got stuck in the mud. The curses indeed came to fruition as the ace archer's arrow would seal his fate.

His death spelled the end of this gruesome war. As the victors performed the last rites of their fallen, the Queen, mother of the Ace Archer and his brothers, told them they needed to honor one more: the charioteer's son. In total astonishment, they asked why they should for someone they considered so villainous. The Queen mother explained that he was indeed her abandoned son and thus their elder brother.

Stunned by the revelation, they realized all his great deeds and then bestowed unto him. As in the case of all anti-heros, he was honored only after his death.

Such is the story of Karna.

Possible Re-Unification Of North And South Korea- A Harsha Sankar Article

As Kim Jong Un is strongly hinting towards unification with the South, this pathbreaking measure will never be credited to the one man who deserves some credit: President Donald Trump.
I know I have been critical of many of Trump's actions and inactions. However, what Trump did was comparable to what Reagan did back in the Eighties. Both did not talk softly but carried a big stick. Rather, they both talked boastfully as they engaged with their "enemies" but they kept their big sticks at bay.

Let's face it. If anyone other individual was President, America would have attacked North Korea by now. I truly believe that Trump stood up to the Deep State without antagonizing it too much. He constantly pressured North Korea to look for peace and now NK is.

The worst part is the Deep State and Military Industrial Complex will sabotage these new initiatives. It is up to Trump to make certain this does not happen without rocking the boat too much. It is a very delicate situation to kill the cancer,which is the ruling elite propped up by the lawyer-lobbyist regime, without killing the host(the government and nation itself). Everyday Trump walks the tightrope as his life is in danger every day.

                                                                       Very Truly Yours,

                                                                         Harsha Sankar
                                                                         908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                                         Covington, Virginia 24426