Thursday, August 28, 2008

Parasitic Elitism Is Spawned Through Corrupted Overregulation-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, May 2008

Failure to place matters in proper perspective will always spawn an ineffectual, out-of-touch and parasitic elite that sucks the lifeblood from the country, perpetuating the cycle of poverty and unrest.

Americans do not need more laws,rules,and regulations. Between 1970 and 2006, the number of pages in the Federal Register shot up from 20,036 to 78,000. During the same period, federal government regulators rose from 90,000 to 241,000. From 2000-2006, the number of regulators alone increased by 65,000. While the trillion dollar a year costs of federal regulations are staggering, it is the corrupting influence that is worrisome as regulations are sources of kickbacks.

Yet the legal system is not confined to any written law. Their purveyors do as they please in blackmailing payouts of non-documented sums. Attorneys involved in the Spears-Federline custody matter received to date $1.3 million for less than ten hearings.

The biggest increases in regulatory personnel since 2000 have occurred in agencies dealing with Wall Street, drug and food multinationals, income tax, cartel-busting, and the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms. All this are targeted specifically at the biggest, most influential corporate sectors. These are obviously areas where there is the most amount of "lawyering" simply because there is the most amount of money. The cure only makes the disease much worse than it already is. Have enough Americans wondered why everything is structured to generate lawyer/lobbyists money? All these activities are at the expense of the people's liberties and free enterprise prosperity.

Six billion dollars will be spent to pimp candidates this election cycle. Most of that money is channeled into the pockets of the campaign elite. In the meantime, productive people who are trying to climb the socio-economic ladder to serve their fellow man are strangled by the "License King". More than 20% of US workers now need a permit to practice their occupation, up from 4.5% in the 1950s. Now there are entry barriers have risen in over 1,000 occupations. In Michigan, you now need a licence to catch reptiles. In Arizona, you need state certification to be a tribal rainmaker. In Maryland, you need a licence to be a fortune-teller, supposedly to ensure better forecasts!

The healthcare sector is afflicted with legally mandated credentialism. Special interests PAC's are allowed to buy this "protection" from political and legal circles to protect their current status quo from genuine competition. The healthcare sector is not only outrageously expensive, it is dangerous. Medically induced deaths is now America's third biggest killer. According to reputed, 90% of all surgeries are unnecessary.

American should not lie to themselves. They do not live in the "Land of the Free". They live in the "Land of the Rising Red Tape". Americans are so regulated that it would make former communists and fascists shrill. Yet the powers-to-be ("big pimps") and many that co-operate do whatever they want.

All this does is promote the culture of promiscuity and oppression. The legal and governmental systems are sick. America does not need attorneys in office in 2008. America could use the services of a doctor. Support Ron Paul.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

The Remedy For Bad, Unlawful Judical Decisions-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, May 2008

Judges should never be elected. However, their decisions should be overturned by a super majority(60% ) in the legislature and consent from the executive if these two branches of government feel the judge engaged in "bad behavior". Bad behavior means that the court did not stay within the confines of applying and supporting the law.

Judges have no Lawful authority to interpret the law. The law and the law governing the presentation of facts should be clear so that anyone can clearly understand its meaning and intent.If a judge blatantly usurps his/her authority, a legislative hearing,approved by 75% of the non-lawyer legislature, should be conducted for possible impeachment and criminal offenses. A verdict would only require a simple majority and if guilty, consent from the executive branch.

If consent from the executive branch is not forthcoming, the non-lawyer legislature would need to achieve two-third majority to convict and impeach a judge.

Please keep in mind the issue in controversy is not whether the legislature and executive disagrees with the judge's actions. The issue to be debated is if the judge abused or neglected to use the authority vested in the support and application of the written law.

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Current Legal System-Tools Of Terror For The Brutal Acquisition Of Wealth-By Harsha Sankar

June 2008

Dear Citizen,

As the general election campaigns begins, an issue that needs to be addressed is the tragic reality of America's legal system. America's courts are rigged. They are tainted by fake trials,trumped-up charges and defenses, extortion by attorneys, and it has 2.2 million prisoners to show for this. Some reputed sources state a minimum of 100,000 are not guilty of the crimes in which they have been convicted.One out of 45 working age males is behind bars. America has the largest prison gulag in the world, claiming 25% of all prisoners. With prison labor being revived and as jails are being privatized, America's incarceration system is now the fastest growth sector and is a huge source of business profit.

Legal corruption blankets the nation. Concentration camps, most built by
Halliburton, are emerging.Even "mental health" hospitals are cropping up everywhere.
The breeding of the culture of mass prisons and the promiscuous confiscation of wealth has spread fear throughout the populace. The lapdog corporate media just nourishes these concepts. They give it normalcy when they should expose it for what it is: tyranny.

The sheer oppression is so severe that a social explosion will occur. The unfortunate pattern of judges and family members being attacked and courthouses and related property being damaged are being downplayed. The judicial elite and collaborators do not want people to take a hard look at the core issues behind these events. For many prisoners, life is horrendous. As amenities exist, so does torment. Even prisoners deserve humanity. Yet they are not even safe. Rape and beatings are common with little recourse. America's already high execution rate would be much higher if unexpected deaths were taken into account. How long are people going to sanitize these "hangings", "mysterious stabbings", or "heart ailments"?

The American Constitution is meaningless.Attorneys do not fight for it.The political parties do not fight for it simply because most people themselves have not even read it, making it next to impossible to safeguard liberties. The legal profession as a whole prey on that neglect with calculated abandon as they often demonstrate no scruples in bending words in the law to promote the opposite meaning. The courts are their tools of terror in advancing their brutal acquisition of wealth and power.

This letter is not an indictment against all attorneys. So many are trapped in a bad system in which they feel any criticism may invite severe retribution, such as disbarment, fines, and even incarceration.As judges have invoked the "Fuhrer Princip" in which their word is substituted as law, censorship in the advocacy of law is indeed practiced. On the other hand, if one stays in a system long enough, one becomes part of it. Then one has to abuse and take advantage just to survive.

The current system does not encourage free and meritorious debate.It rather encourages conformity to the will of the status qou and it does so in all sectors. All this resembles the anti-democratic systems of fascism and communism. "Toeing the line" was more appreciated than innovative and standalone thinking.So obviously the entrenched culture of bribery and miscarriages of justice will prevail.

People must internalize that Republican or Democrat matter not.There are
two kinds of people.Those who feel people should be controlled and those who have
no desire.In the end there are only two outcomes, Relative Liberty or Ruling Class.
Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Americans Must Disinfect Themselves Of The Stench Of The Imperial Class-The Unedited Version

Dear Citizen, July 2008

The announced $11 million Virginia Tech "settlement" is just a farcical crafting by the bar association to amass vast amount of wealth at the expense of students, donors, and taxpayers.If one does the math, millions were earmarked as attorney fees. However, the precise figure will conveniently not be disclosed even though there is a public need to know. Even if this "settlement" has merit, then the
legislature should decide this issue and not the judiciary. In reality, private charity could "pick up the tab", if needed, of all financial costs of survivors.

In a sexual harassment case against a former sheriff in Roanoke County, attorney Terry Grimes' hourly rate of $300.00 was deemed reasonable by fellow attorney-judge. Grimes is now supposed to bill the state(Virginia taxpayers) for one thousand hours over a matter that cannot be proven it happened.Even if it did happen, it is not even alleged that it is sufficiently serious to warrant misdemeanor sexual assault charges.In addition, since the defendant is no longer sheriff,he cannot be dismissed for unprofessional conduct. His discharge would have been more than sufficient if he indeed committed gross sexual harassment. Grimes' client has already hit the jackpot by receiving $150,000.00. Grimes want to double that for himself.

An attorney's responsibility is to objectively and truthfully certify,after
inspection, that all transactions are in compliance with all governing laws and regulations.That means certifying that the attorney is in no degree involved in a conflict of interest.

The attorney has to have a sufficient arms-length relationship with the client to make unbiased representations on the client's behalf, which means renouncing
decision-making authority regarding transactions. In the case of Virginia College Of
Osteopathic Medicine, it is funded by an estate of an deceased industrialist. The estate's attorney allocates the estate's funds for this project he is personally involved with and with an university in which he is already affiliated. This attorney gets a close family member to be in charge of the set-up of the school. After the opening of VCOM, he puts himself and his close family member on its board of directors and anoints himself chairman. He already is on the Board of Visitors of Virginia Tech, which provides significant funding for the Osteopathic School. This attorney,instead of being condemned for participating in obvious corrupt and unethical conflicts of interest by demonstrating personal stakes, is regarded as founder. Tax judges are supposed to disallow these practices.

This letter may be just a voice crying out in a remote wilderness.However,if Americans wish to live in freedom,America must disinfect itself of this guile menace.

As it is increasingly harder for too many living from paycheck to paycheck with food,
fuel, and healthcare costs soaring, this hoarding by legal system operatives must end. Such "settlements" mark the beginning of a new era: the rise of the imperial class.The only way to neuter this is to extend the ban of holding public office, which currently applies to military and civil servants, to court officers as well.

Different viewpoints and even criticisms are always welcome.It must be remembered that a nation of sheep begets a government and legal system of wolves.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426