Sunday, August 12, 2007

Co-Mingling Of Powers in Government And Not Its Separation Will Lead To Kleptocracy-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, March 2007

$10 million lawsuit filed in Botetout County against law enforcement.

In Covington,Virginia taxpayers paid $123,000.00 for a “cost-efficiency” study.

Citizens in a Roanoke neighborhood have paid over $200,000.00 in unconscionable legal fees disputing its own elected officials.

Sloppiness and con artists cost FEMA $1 billion in six months over questionable Katrina and Rita disaster-relief claims.

People who received an apology for slavery will soon demand money.

America’s new form of government, Kleptocracy, is in full force. Property taxes and healthcare skyrocket and industrial jobs evaporate. As forty thousand new attorneys a year are descending to prey and control Americans, nearly two million homeowners face foreclosure.

Former Communist nations were over-regulated with much uniformity by low to moderately-paid civil servants. In America, the ruling one-party commands vast resources to perpetually change law at will. If Communist ideology brought bankruptcy, America’s outcome will be of failed state status.

Co-mingling of powers in government and not its separation has led to this unprincipled lack of restraint. Citizens have been fractured into special interests. America United means government divided and that means no attorneys in office.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426 .

Eye-Opening Books On The Scandalous Story of Dominant Lawyer Culture

Dear Citizen, June 2007

Now that summer is here, there are a few good books worthy of reading. One is The Case Against Lawyers by Catherine Crier and another book is Underworld which explains how trial attorneys, often in secret, shake down and censor individuals and businesses to advance their agenda of enrichment, influence, and public relations.

The media is banned from covering pending litigation. With so many multi-million lawsuits transpiring, and yet the public does not know what is happening. U.S.A. ranks anywhere from 17th to 44th in press freedoms. Much of this decline is due to Court censorship in the name of "securing a fair trial". If people subscribe to this abridgement, then they do not understand the responsibilities of freedom.

However, the most compelling book is Lawyers Destroying America, A Parasitical Culture. Written by Sammy Sorrells, it tells the scandalous story about the evolution of the dominant lawyer culture and Constitutional nightmare. It tells how the lawyers became an oppressive ruling class in America, controlling all three government branches. It reads about how all systems are driven by money, caused by the largest and most vicious criminal culture on earth. Power and the cult of personalities have completely overriden the core principles of basic law. The book talks about how attorneys conspire, without any shred of evidence,to go after that deep pocket party,milking both defendant and plaintiff alike on many occasions.

Organized and supremacist bar associations harboring social parasites is the apex of terror and not Osama Bin Laden, Al-Queda, and other"boogey-men". From 1970 to 1996, all mandates increased 25 times. What special-interest group inspires this "shackling" and selective enforcement? How can people consider themselves to be free if they have to constantly consult "Attorney law" before taking any decision?

As healthcare and education are in deplorable conditions, Sorrells' book advocates going back to the drawing board. Lawyers were absolutely forbidden in the colonies for many years.Disputes were settled by the church. In the Bill of Rights, an individual is entitled to counsel(which means anyone) only if they a defendant in a criminal case. This means if civil cases, supposedly dealing with contractual issues over money only, counsel can be barred. The framers of the Constitution knew of the potential of abuse if organized counsel took control of the civil process.

While no one suggests lawyers be banned, the term "attorney at law" must be reviewed for its lack of constitutionality. Attorney comes from the root "attorn" which means to apportion or turn over. If attorneys apportions (decides and implements) the law as well as turn over the law to the Courts for its disposal, that is clearly a violation of the Constitution because the legislatures are the only law-making government branch. Otherwise America would not have a representative, republic form of government. According to Roman civil law book Corpus Juris Secondum, attorneys represents wards of the court only. If an individual is represented by an attorney, rights are gone and he/she is at the Court's mercy.

What also needs review is the court system is indeed private that just operates in a public arena. How many times citizens have been threatened with contempt for citing the Constitution? In fact, attorneys have cited many times the U.S. Constitution does not apply in the judiciary. Bar Association trade schools aka law schools do not teach the Constitution. They teach judicial supremacy as court decisions going back to 1066 A.D. are taught. Bar associations' and its attorneys are not about law but rather pure raw power.

Sorrells' books gives horror stories, facts and statistics that will infuriate the reader.This book concludes Americans are being held in bondage and tyranny in a denial of justice.

Duke lacrosse players spent 3 million dollars in their legal defense. When will this "rape" stop?

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Government Mental Health Recording By Plutocratic Means(a Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, July 2007

The Virginia Tech President receives a package of $650,000.00 annually from a primarily taxpayer funded university. Tech will spend $415,000.00 to repair Cho's damage. Governor Kaine sanctioned $150,000.00 to a private group to study Cho's rampage.

America apparently has evolved into a plutocracy. The value of other people's money is insignificant.

Money mindedness is behind the Orwellian nightmare of government mental health recording. Psychiatrists earn more money from pharmaceuticals than other speciality doctors .Psychiatrists who received the most from anti-psychotic manufacturers prescribed these risky and potent drugs often. Prescriptions for anti-psychotics increased nearly six fold in nine years.An individual's emotional well-being is supposed to be totally private.

If one confers with a professional, anonymity and bilateral privacy are to be totally respected.

No tests exist to verify mental illness because of lack of scientific proof. While medication can temporarily treat symptoms of emotional issues, there are no artificial, synthetic, and chemical solutions. Anyone, particularly the vulnerable, can be exposed to psychiatric abuse, leading to defamation and trauma.

In communist countries, "Mental Health" portfolios were used for incarceration,coercion, and labeling. Cho's senseless barbarisms should not advance totalitarianism.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

The VT Murder-Pretext For Orwellian Mental Health Screening Nightmare-( A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, June 2007

Cho’s rampage has unfortunately established a pretext for Orwellian mental health screening.

Nazi/Soviet style psychiatry has arrived as the Hippocratic Oath evaporates. An individual’s emotional status,including Cho’s,is supposed to be strictly off–limits to everyone else except possibly a voluntarily chosen therapist. If Cho had been expelled as per rules for setting his dorm on fire, he would have been prevented from killing. People are supposed to be judged for proven specific acts only. Yet federal and state databases containing private info (slanderous or not) will be enlarged.

As the psychotherapist establishment has partnered with attorneys to expand their territory, courts are now ordering forced counseling, drugging, hospitalization and ECT treatments. Labeling tactics are signs of oppressive governance.

Virginia Tech authorities badly failed in warning people. They also have involvement with CIA, Pentagon’s DARPA, and a laboratory under Butt Mountain. This needs to be discussed as people’s rights disappear.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

Stats And Facts About The Legal System- Placement Into Proper Perspective(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, July 2007

Cited are facts, stats, and figures about America's legal system.

1. Plea bargains,bonding and judicial politics offer a revolving door justice system for criminals.

2. Two standards of justice for criminals: many walk, many others go to bankruptcy court or prison.

3. Over 100,000 formal complaints are filed annually against attorneys and attorney judges with only 2% formally prosecuted. A smaller percentage are punished and it is usually because they failed to 'toe the line'' of the bar associations.

4. Over 80% of low to middle income Americans cannot afford to pay the attorney ransom for justice in America. Their redress of grievance, a First Amendment right, is no more.

5. Lawyer monopoly of legal services now constitutes the most blatant illegal monopoly in America.

6. Lawyers are robbing their clients through over billing and outright theft, conspiracy and fraud.

7. Lawyer-judges have created class discrimination against non-lawyer pro se or sui juris litigants nationwide.

8. How lawyers and lawyer-judges have become a closed member country club with the masses picking up the tab.

9. The American jury is being manipulated by the lawyers to get the verdict they want.

10. America has become a giant law factory of self interest laws hurting law abiding citizens.

11. Lawyers criminalize Americans, attempting to assist citizens with generic legal procedures.

12. The "case law" jungle created by the lawyer culture leads away from the Constitutional law.

13. 159 million Americans lives touched by crime in 13 year period.

14. Crime costs American taxpayers $675 billion a year.

15. Over two million crimes committed from 9/11/01 to 01/01/07.

16. Since 1964, total crime has increased 350%, many of which created to accommodate the growing number of attorneys.

17. As 570,000 prisoners are released, many are recycled back into the criminal justice system.

18. L.A. Archdiocese settles lawsuits for $660 million. Much, if not most of the sum, will line the pockets of attorneys over alleged sexual abuse.

19. Bankruptcy,Corporate,Non-Profit, and Estate "law" rake billions for legal bureaucracies.

20. The tort system costs, according to JackPot Justice and other credible
organizations, $865 billion a year.That is nearly $10,000.00 for a family of four.

Draconian laws, especially in Virginia, in which a traffic ticket can cost $3550.00 will be the "order of the day" if attorneys are allowed to remain in office. This
latest ploy is designed to increase revenue for attorneys. Since police officers are no longer required to show proof of alleged violators, people who have been charged will be compelled to hire attorneys who can peddle influence with an attorney-controlled system. Many attorney-judges will arbitrarily impose stiff fines so convicted people have to appeal, generating more ransom money for the legal profession.

Statistics and facts help place matters into proper perspective.

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge
Covington, Virginia 24426