Sunday, September 20, 2015

Aftermath Of The Creigh & Gus Deeds Saga-More Questions Raised Than Answers

Dear Citizen,                                                                                           June 6th, 2014       

       Somewhere in America tragedy befell Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds and his son, Austin "Gus" Creigh Deeds. 
       It was a presumably a murder-suicide that certainly sent shock waves throughout the region.

       Due to the fact that this tragedy left one individual wounded and one individual dead, this matter becomes public domain. It certainly warranted a transparent and thorough investigation by the police and prosecutorial departments at local and state levels to determine if there was any possible foul play. Yet there was none despite the general belief that if most Americans were involved in a similar situation, all possible scenarios would have been reviewed and all details would have been disclosed publically. It appears that being an attorney-politicians does have its perks.

        Obviously this tragedy has generated an extreme amount of pain for numerous people. Yet since this has to be treated as a public issue, these are a few statements and questions that have to be asked. The foundation of these statements and questions are internet news reports.

        1. If someone supposedly had the intent to commit murder, had already inflicted serious wounds, and had a loaded weapon, then why did that individual instead commit suicide?

        2. Committing suicide with a rifle is very difficult. An autopsy should have been conducted to determine the angle and placement of bullet entry to see if it is copacetic with the official version.

        3. It appeared that the State Senator, once severely wounded, was able to walk across a lawn to a rural and low-traffic road. He was then met by a relative or close friend who just coincidentally happened to be driving by at night. This scenario is possible but is it probable?

        4. Despite the claims that the ex-politician had been severely wounded, it was asserted he and his relative elected to go to the local police station first before he went to the hospital. Why?
          According to the Internet news reports and as I understand it, the politician seemed to be talkative and that is not obviously a normal sign for an individual suffering from severe wounds.

          This letter is not making any firm accusations. It's intent is two-pronged. The first purpose is to state that a thorough and forensic investigation should have been objectively conducted with transparency. Only two people know for certain what actually happened and one is dead. 

          The second purpose is to diffuse the myths that are being spread in regards to psychiatry. It seems that attempts are being made to advance mental health intervention. For anyone to convert this tragedy for that purpose is indeed sending the wrong message. It promotes authoritarianism in society.

            Mental health therapy should be kept as absolutely personal. Therapists are not part of the judicial system and corrections. Therapists who practice in accordance to The Hippocratic Oath are never supposed to control and punish the people whom they are supposed to serve. Because of that principle, a therapist should never collaborate with those who do. Judges and police punish while therapists heal. Forced psychiatric treatment is unwarranted and is not symptomatic of a relatively free society. While it is permissible for people to cite mental health issues to lessen punishment for an alleged crime, people who seek this type of treatment require total privacy and anonymity. 

            It would not be surprising if psychiatric treatment did in actuality make matters worse for the deceased. It is unfortunately too often that psychiatric abuse has inflicted harm to people in terms of social status, reputation, emotional well-being, physical and neurological health. 

            It is not just the legal establishment who look to psychiatry as its tool to control. There are too many in society who look to psychiatry as well for the purposes of obtaining docility and submission. One just needs to look at all the children, particularly foster kids, who are "medicated".

           The promotion of disability and impairment are strictly forbidden by The Hippocratic Oath in the field of medicine. It should remain so. Even a criminal needs to be protected from medical harm. There simply is no
psychiatric solution to emotional  pain, character and psychological issues, and even criminal behavior. It is obvious that the deceased did not demonstrate any illness that reflected clean break from reality insanity. The deceased, unlike the 2007 VPI shooter, was aware of his actions and surroundings.  
           The crusade for expanded mental health treatment is always a prelude for abuse. People sometimes cite that need also as a cover for their inadequacies. This must stop.

                                      Very Truly Yours,
                                      Harsha Sankar
                                      908 Valley Ridge Road
                                      Covington, Virginia 24426

Secret Societies Are The Enemies Of Law & Constitution

Dear Citizen,                                                                                                    June 2nd, 2015

     All must go to youtube or google and watch this compelling video "Congressional Candidate Slams American Bar Association". It is a narrative by Andy Ostrowski who ran for office last year.
      Before I summarize, people need to realize that most of mankind has been enslaved by the Tyrannical and Clandestine Bar Associations and the BAR has done this via stealth! 
       Andy Ostrowski claims that the Courts used to be open and transparent but now are no longer. He talks about the BAR Associations having exclusive power to administrate justice. He says BAR Associations were not part of the foundation of America and that they are not part of the fabric of America's Republic or democracy! 
      Ostrowski cites that the existing discplinary process is utilized only to silence and censor those who have criticisms of the judiciary! 
      Ostrowski states that The BAR has taken access of justice and law away from the individuals and then placed that access exclusively into the hands of attorneys! Justice therefore is not being fairly administered and that in itself is the root cause of the erosion of liberties in America. 
      Bar associations and attorneys were not mentioned in the American Constitution or Declaration of Independence! Bar Assocations did not even exist until after the American Civil War! 
      In England,The Queen used to appoint Knights of St.John to administer law.These knights then formed the Middle Temple.The Sovereign Middle Temple then created the BAR to help administer the law.Proof of this is BAR Attorneys are called Esquires"Servants of the Knight". The American Constitution prohibits Titles of Nobility and yet the term esquire exists. 
      Knights Of St. John,which created the BAR Associations,created Free Masonry!Free Masons are secret societies! Many jurists are free masons. Secret Societies are the enemies of the Law,Constituion, and The People. 
     Ostrowski states that the individuals need to have the right to present their cases and have their cases properly administered and adjudged according to the Constitution and law.      
     The Expansion of Extensive Government Empowerment is due to a lack of Checks and Balances. This total lack is undermining our Republic! The playing field is being tilted towards the Corporates and Big Banks at the expense of individual rights and free enterprise.     
      I have been citing this for 24 years. It is perhaps overdue that a political aspirant is bringing this to the forefront.

                                                  Very Truly Yours,

                                                  Harsha Sankar
                                                  908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                 Covington,Virginia 24426

The Death Of A Free Press Icon-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen,                                                                                                February 9th, 2015

          On January 10th,Horton Beirne, Publisher of the Virginian Review, passed away. I thought I would express a few words to serve as tribute to a man that I dealt with since the late 80's.
          Horton Beirne should be remembered for much more than his journalistic endeavors. While his journalistic ethic should be lauded, a person's work and career should not be the most important thing in one's life.
          Yet I will make the following statements. Horton Beirne and I may have had differences and disagreements. However, I always respected his decisions. For example, if he declined to publish one of my letters, I accepted it because I valued his journalistic integrity and neutrality.
          He always kept an open mind and he never sought to unduly censor me, unlike the Roanoke Times who for six years categorically refused to publish any letter that commented about the legal system despite the fact that that corporate media outlet continuously propagates the legal profession. As an independent news provider, The Virginian Review freely allowed dissenting viewpoints in today's authoritarian environment and Horton Beirne should be praised for that.
          Corporate media has taken over all the mainstream media as five companies control everything. As the days of Independent media in America are in rapid decline, Horton Beirne symbolized the iconsim of free press as the Virginian Review represents the last vanguard and dying legacy of locally-owned media.
          Rest In Peace, Horton Penrose Beirne.

                                           Very Truly Yours,

                                              Harsha Sankar
                                              908 Valley Ridge Road
                                              Covington, Virginia 24426

Unless System Is Workable,Nothing Corrects Itself

 Dear Citizen,                                                                                         January 19th, 2015

         Former board member of Goldman Sachs and Proctor Gamble, Rajat K. Gupta, was convicted in June 2012 on insider trading charges.

         Gupta's legal defense fees amounted to nearly thirty million dollars. This outrageous and unconscionable fee was revealed by two anonymous individuals who had direct knowledge of this case but were not authorized to discuss it publicly. Like so many others cases in which wholesale debauchery and plunder takes place,many other aspects of this case were cloaked in secret.

         The former chief executive of Enron,Jeff Skilling,spent about $70 million throughout his trial. Years of his appeals have only added to that cost.

         Obviously attorneys and other apologists will rationalize this by stating that cases are complex and that attorneys are needed to sort through reams of information and documents to build a case.

         The rebuttal to that is if the people have a legal system that makes inherently simple matters complicated to the extent of generating that much profit and perverse control for the legal profession, then it is a system that must not be condoned but rather condemned. The system should thus be deemed as both dysfunctional and tyrannical and therefore not capable of being mended or repaired. It must be replaced.

         The "cancer" that the legal profession spreads does not stay confined within the circles of the legal profession itself. It spreads to all fields,profession,trades, and all walks of life. This "cancer" causes such alterations and distortions are very noticeable but not so traceable. 

         Outrageous health care costs, higher education costs, and again exorbitant financial costs have
enriched many at the expense of the general good.  Numerous pencil pushers and paper shufflers such as healthcare and corporate bureaucrats have become millionaires because of the protectionism and monopolistic systems that the "lawyer-lobbyist" regime has provided. Medical specialists are commanding salaries many times more than any competitive free enterprise would allow. This is the reason why so many Americans are opting for medical care on foreign soil. Now that the embargo against Cuba may be lifted, many cancer-stricken Americans can be effectively treated by that nation's state-of-the-art facilities. Many Americans are also looking abroad for higher education pursuits. That is a sad testament because at one time the rest of the world took strident glances at America's higher education system for is value-creation and cost-effectiveness.

         On its own, nothing will ever correct itself unless the system is workable. To restore governance and society back to its functional state, Americans need again a constitutional amendment that bans same hands governance.

                                                        Very Truly Yours,

                                                         Harsha Sankar
                                                         908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                         Covington,Virginia 24426