Saturday, November 19, 2011

America's Tort System Symbolizes America's Destruction-(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, February 1995

Our present Tort system, to put it simply, is a major factor in destroying America’s ability to compete as well as in reducing the standard of living for the working person. Our present Tort System contributes heavily in certain areas. It artificially inflates the prices of goods and services, therefore making it unaffordable to many. It boosts insurance premiums substantially, which has contributed to the health-care crisis America suffers from.It prevents many beneficial goods and services from being offered to the general public simply because its provision incurs too much liability in being exposed to frivolous and costly lawsuits. (The small aircraft industry has been nearly eliminated because of liability suits.) It also decreases the incentive for companies to be creative and do long- term research on possible inventions and life–saving cures because it is no longer economical.

Moreover,it soaks large and small businesses in excess of $300 billion a year,therefore not only making the creators of jobs less viable, but also decreasing the amount of money they pay its workers as well as decreasing the number of jobs they create.(California has lost 650,000 jobs due solely to wrongful termination suits.)Our Tort System punishes shareholders and investors because the valuable money they have placed at risk yields a significantly lower return because of it.

People are encouraged to file frivolous suits in order to receive enormous amounts of compensation because of our Tort System. At the same time, it has prevented many people from receiving fair compensation. While this system is extremely lucrative to lawyers, (attorneys pocket one-third of the money awarded to victims in a lawsuit. In asbestos and other related suits, attorneys pocket two-thirds of the money awarded. Accident attorneys alone net $ 10 billion dollars annually) it is extremely hard to keep any company in existence (lawsuit abuse costs every person who never even has had contact with a attorney $510 a year).

It is extremely unjust that any person who creates wealth, is productive, and works for a living is blackmailed by our government to allow this extortion to take place. It is also unfair that when an accident or faulty action takes place, millions of people who had nothing to do with the incident are penalized just to subsidize the fortunes of lawyers who represent the victims. By making everybody pay in economic terms, rather than punishing the people through the criminal process who are directly responsible for the major infractions, encourages irresponsibility. A corporation has no soul to be damned and no conscience to be repentant. A little jail time for the people culpable of the crime will do much to establish an effective deterrent.

Reform of the Tort System will never take place as long as there is honoraria and private financing of campaigns of candidates to public office. The American Trial Lawyer Association donated $204 million in the 1992 election cycle. Their influence is so far-ranging in congress that all comprehensive legal reform bills were never allowed to come to vote. ATLA (along with other special interest groups) is a major reason why 58 of American senators and almost half of the House Members on the federal level are lawyers. Special interests have filled state and local legislatures with attorneys.It is time for American citizens to force the government that represents them to enact measures necessary to reform our Tort System.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
Covington,Virginia 24426

Thursday, November 03, 2011

America,Not Unlike The Roman Empire, Will Be Destroyed From Within-(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, July 1995

SOME DISPARAGING racial remarks were made by a few Texaco Officials, and its company now pays $176 million.While answers are being sought,why do Americans tolerate this lawsuit outrage?

While racial slurs are idiotic and reflect the ignorance of those using them, how conceivable is it that these immature statements be quantified to the tune of $176 million? When will we restore humanity, decency, common sense and dignity that our once-respectable legal system sorely lacks?When will we put an end to the outrageous actions of these self righteous parasite special-interest advocates and the lawyers who manipulate the system to fulfill their greed? Only when hard-working, productive America wakes up and reclaims what is rightfully theirs Otherwise, these abuses will be more severe and more frequent.

Rev.Jesse Jackson is a divisive opportunist who, along with Kwaise Mfume and handful of lawyers, is trying to capitalize.

Do they care that the small businesspeople who operate wholesale and retail stations and those working for them will pay the cost of the settlement? Does Jackson realize the lawyers will get more then one-third of the settlement for their fees? Is he aware his actions will promote more racial tensions?

Do not punish the majority to reward the few. Working-class whites already resent being punished by affirmative-action quotas and discrimination lawsuits.

It’s interesting to compare the philosophy, maturity and ideals of Jackson with that of Nelson Mandela, prime minister of the new democracy of South Africa. Mandela was imprisoned and tortured, yet he invited his jailers to his inauguration in an attempt to bury the evils of apartheid and display unity and universal franchise so that all South Africans would have a better future. However, Jackson exploits the plight of blacks for his own financial and political purposes. A millionaire made by contributors to the Rainbow coalition, he is incessantly fomenting conflict and the philosophy of entitlement. The victim mentality he preaches and fosters among minorities harm their efforts to assimilate with and contribute to society.

What is troublesome is that a significant minority of Americans have allowed their tolerance to turn into apathy.They continue not to be intolerant of gross inequities and absurdities. This nation, just like the Roman Empire, will be destroyed from within. While panic isn’t a solution,if there is no sense of urgency now, there will be no hope to reverse the downward trend that is destroying our prosperity and values.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

Monopolies Means Transfer From Many To Few-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, October 2011

The uproar symbolized by the Wall Street protests is legitimate.The following proves as such.

1. Wall Street banks and hedge funds created the enormous demand for high-risk mortgages to turn into Ponzi-like gambling structures.
2. Manipulated rating agencies gave AAA ratings to fraudulent instruments. When insolvency took place, 8 million working people lost their jobs.
3. Taxpayers provided trillions of dollars in cash and asset guarantees to the wealthiest bankers and hedge fund managers in the world.
4. In 2008's crash, high frequency traders made upwards of $20 billion from the turmoil. In 2010 the top hedge fund managers “earned” over $2 million an hour! The top 25 hedge fund managers took in as much as 650,000 teachers.

Wall Street now epitomizes the transfer of funds from the many to the few. It no longer empowers the average American to acquire a stake in economic activity.Due to soaring healthcare costs,people are forced to fund Wall Street investments through the purchase of insurance policies.Due to costly litigation,regulations,and taxation, a medical monopoly has been created to help hold Americans hostage.

These protests unfortunately may have Marxist/socialist overtones.To most effectively end monopolies throughout the board, protestors must emphasize the end of BAR monopoly of governance through proxy.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

The Failure Of Medicare-(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, December 1995

There is currently much debate in Washington, D.C and throughout the nation pertaining to Medicare. It has become a political football for our politicians. This tug-of-war match taking place in Washington has escaped the logic and comprehension of the majority of Americans. A common sensible approach should be taken in regards to dealing with Medicare.

Medicare, quite frankly, is a failure. It sets a classic example that government cannot play a proper role in making investments. Medicare serves 37 million beneficiaries, spends over 175 billion dollars annually and now accounts for more than 11 percent of the entire federal budget. One hundred billion dollars is robbed from this system. That is 11.5 million dollars an hour that is stolen from mandatory taxpayer funded Medicare due to waste and fraud. The present director of the FBI reports that even organized crime rings and drug kingpins are now in the act of implementing fraudulent schemes to siphon Medicare’s hard-earned funds. The risks for the mob are considerably lower in getting caught than in their other nefarious enterprises.

Other perpetrators include a significant minority of unscrupulous health care practitioners, administrators, health-care companies, and equipment suppliers who take full advantage of the present system through fee-gouging, unethical medical and billing practices. When everyone pays for it, no one cares. This concept holds true for issuance of payment by private insurance companies as well.

Even though 3 percent of all payroll is this nation funds Medicare, is it any wonder that this system faces bankruptcy by 2002? The simplest means to solve this Medicare and also the healthcare crises would be the adoption of tax-free Medical Savings Accounts. MSA’s would offer people the choice of securing their own tax-free accounts for medical expenses. Contributions to Medicare by employees and their employers could be deposited in that account. Money not spent on medical expenses could be rolled over and person’s MSA would therefore grow.

Inexpensive high-deductible insurance would protect a person form high medical costs in the near and distant future. If a person’s MSA was not built up to his or her deductible at the time of the person’s serious illness, the insurance company or person could make the adjustments to meet the difference from future premiums and contributions.

The main purpose behind MSA’s is to establish accountability. People would spend their own money and not the government’s and insurance’s. There would be a much greater incentive to control costs by controlling spending. Additionally, MSA’s would likewise increase awareness of the fraud, waste, and abuse by making patients much more sensitive as to how their hard-earned money is spent. This would bring about much-needed reforms in medical malpractice, licensing, regulatory structure, and campaign finance. Medical PAC’s, which oppose reform, have poured over $83 million into campaigns of congressional candidates since 1983. The PAC’s are the major source of this miserable muddle.

The creation of Medical saving Accounts would save each and every individual in excess of $1,300 a year. Everybody should seize this opportunity and contact their elected representatives on the federal and state level and urge them to support his measure.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar

908 Valley Ridge Road

Covington,Virginia 24426