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Socialism In Economic Sector,Capitalism In Government Spells Ruin-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, April 1996

The Line-Item veto was finally given to the President after elected congresspeople passed it. The Federal Employees Credit Union Files suit, hoping a judge will overturn it.

In California, proposition 187, is passed by an overwhelming majority of its citizens. It was a referendum denying taxpayer funded benefits to people who are in this nation illegally. So what? A judge overturns it immediately due to special interests pressure.

In Alabama,Justice Mark Kennedy overturned laws placing caps on punitive damages because it was unpopular with the trial attorneys who argued their cases before him despite the fact most Alabamians held these laws in high regard.

The Supreme Court struck down a meaningful law that would have established a limit on what any prospective federal legislative, executive and judgeship candidate could spend on his or her campaign. They declare this law is a violation of the Free Speech Amendment even though these prospects seek a public office with public responsibility.

This “Judicial activism” is paralyzing the government and is paralyzing America. On the pretext of Constitution protectionism, many judges (State and Federal) are wielding veto power in such a promiscuous fashion that they are acting as monarchs. In reality, their actions are destroying the very principles of democracy on which this nation was formed. This process insulta the intelligence and integrity of the average, hardworking voter as it deprives them of their rights and gives too much power to the Courts,lawyers,lobbyists and to the big corporations who can afford these “mouthpieces” in legislative, executive and judicial halls of government.

The U.S Constitution does not give power for federal courts to make laws or dictate policy to either government or private agencies. However, this is taking place now, as outrageous amounts of money, are being awarded. Marginal lawbreakers and perpetrators of victimless crimes are being punished severely and violent offenders and criminals who injure people by committing massive theft and fraud receive light sentences.

Many federal and state judges have seized too much power at the working people’s expense. It is costing America in terms of tax dollars, public safety and personal freedoms. One glaring example of this waste was the $100 million spent of taxpayers' dollars on the Rodney King civil rights matter.

It is simply no wonder that our laws are no longer black and white,that they are instead voluminous,nebulous and therefore meaningless.The rule of the law has now given in to the rule of the lawyers.State judges who run for office receive huge campaign contributions from the trial lawyers who argue their cases in their presence.Other state judges who do not have to seek direct election are reconfirmed by the Bar Association.Federal judges are appointed for life.In any set up, judges are not accountable to the general public.

The incentive is too great for judges to cater to the interests of the few as Middle America shoulders this burden.

The only way for productive Americans to stem this rot is to contact their elected officials and tell them to support reconfirmation of judges by elected officials only at least once every ten years. All are urged to call 1-202-224-3121 and voice their support for H.J. Resolution 63, which proposes to do just that. More importantly, urgency is required by people to support campaign finance reform and H.R 2566. This rot originates from the present campaign finance system.

This letter has been written to garner support for true campaign finance reform. The way campaigns are financed presently is polluting the political system, destroying representative government, and is giving undue power to the lawyers, lobbyists, bureaucrats, union management, corporate executives, and other special interests. It is not possible for this nation to achieve much needed and overdue reforms in this legal and healthcare systems without limits on what people can contribute directly to campaigns. A common argument given by opponents of true campaign finance reform is that spending limits and limits on contributions to political campaigns are an infringement to free speech, which is stipulated in the First Amendment of the Constitution. While many people who advocate this point do not have ulterior motives, this position is often maintained as a guise and trojan horse to preserve the present corrupt atatus quo, which now and has been growing at a alarming rate for the last ten years.

True freedom of one person or group of people can never come at the expense of others and vice versa. Freedom does not mean freedom to do wrong. The freedom to buy government for gain (personal or ideological)is wrong. This exercise of power is not practicing freedom. It prevents equal access to government by other groups and individuals.

A constitutional government’s chief trademark is the one-man vote concept. This is the very foundation on which this nation was founded and the Bill of Rights framed. People,regardless of wealth and background,should voice their rights and responsibilities at the ballot box. Government should not be subject to the marketplace unlike free markets and enterprise. Government is a social responsibility and should not auctioned off to the highest bidder seeking public office. The three branches of government is a public responsibility and it should not be handled by capitalists in the private sector. Mammoth contributions to political campaigns are merely investments or to put it bluntly, bribes. While capitalism works best in all economic activity, socialism should prevail in government as government should treat all equally.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar

Justice Should Never Be A Marketable Item-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, May 1996

Everybody in society feels they are entitled to free goods from government. The question that is often asked is, “Does government owe its citizens a job, housing, health care, education, pensions and other goods and services?” The answer should be a resounding no.

Does that mean government owes nothing to its citizens? The answer to that is obviously no.Therefore,“What does government owe its citizens and residents?” The correct answer is very simple.

In the Declaration of Independence, it is clearly stated that citizens have the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Translation:All fundamental and basic rights must be afforded to all citizens of this nation in the same manner and in equal proportion. While this sounds elementary, these principles are abided by too infrequently. Preferred justice is no justice at all.

People look to government to be the provider of numerous services termed social responsibilities. Government should be to society as a referee is to a group of athletes. The referee is a neutral impartial body who, after being appointed by the participants (or its representatives), makes sure that all tights of all participants are protected in full and that no participant violates the rights of another participant. The referee does not engage in the sport. The referee does not take into consideration the records, background, wealth, ace, education, religion, accomplishments, age and stature of any person participating in a sporting event. If the referee takes these factors into consideration, the result of this is that preferential treatment or discrimination is meted out to a participant. An action like this destroys the integrity of the game.No player and his or her representative negotiates with the referee. The referee cannot be used or manipulated by any force. The rulings of the referee are binding to all who engage in that sporting event. The referee has to keep things in proper perspective in order for the game to flow in a smooth, efficient and proper manner.While the referee may not be perfect,that person is best suited,as deemed by the participants,to enforce rules agreed to by every one. Government needs to be understood in this analogous context.

The only social responsibility that should be in existence is total protection of the inalienable rights of its people. People should have their rights protected without having to spend any out-of-pocket money. That should be the primary reason why people should pay taxes. It is simply ridiculous that people spend enormous amounts extra on a service that government should provide for free. Why should justice be so expensive? After all, the rights of the individual become hardly
inalienable when there is a price tag on it. While capitalism and free markets are the best systems in the provision of goods and services, the provision of justice is a social responsibility and should never be influence by capital. Justice should never be a marketable item.

Harsha Sankar

Status Quo Tyranny Widens Gap Between Wealthy And Poor-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, August 1995

Tyranny of the status quo is causing the gap between rich and poor to widen at a rapid pace. The nation was not built by a few percent of the population. It rather was built on the backs on the vast majority of its citizenry who committed hard, productive work and took risks to cater to the legitimate needs of the public. Yet the incentive for people to practice free enterprise is on the verge of disintegration into non-existence. Government has created and preserved the status quo (elitism without merit) in several ways. One way has been through higher education.

While other developed nations and developing nations are training its residents to be scientists,technicians,tradespeople and engineers,this nation is training its people to either be non-productive or marginally productive. While other nations are training its people to make its pie grow bigger and thus serve its citizenry better, America is continuing to provide incentive for people to divide its pie into small pieces, therefore providing tyranny into the lives of the working,risk-taking, productive people. The United States size of government is now bigger than China’s, the last major communist nation, as percentage of gross national budget. This nation now has 1.2 million attorneys,a staggering increase considering it has only has 350,000 lawyers in 1970. The insurance industry, whose principles are based on socialism, is now the largest nationally.

The United states has trained too many marginalists(Accountants,financial advisors, and tax accountants)who do very little to contribute to its creation of wealth. Government interference has enforced the status quo and has protected the incumbency (At the expense of the American worker,consumer and business person) by unnecessarily increasing educational and licensing requirements to practice a profession, trade, and business. Because these requirements are irrelevant in the actual practice of profession, trade and business, it prevents many qualified people from engaging in the field of their choice due to time and financial constraints. Lack of competition, due to force implemented by government, hurts the consumer by inflating the purchase price of goods and services as well as lowering its quality. The health care industry is a prime example of this.

The only real solution is to first ban attorneys and lobbyists from office. The medical, insurance, lawyer and other special interest lobbyists have drowned out the voice of the average productive American. It is time to end same-hands governance!

Harsha Sankar

The Glorification Of Attorneys By Media Must Cease-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, October 1995

In my view, it is time for the media to quit glorifying attorneys and quit giving them so much prominence. The Roanoke times gives so much coverage to attorneys that one could possibly arrive at the conclusion that the establishment is owned by a law firm.

CNN has now a new show in its lineup, Burden of Proof. There are at least a couple new law shows on syndicated television this fall. Television was already saturated with these shows.

If all this is not enough, the media in addition always provides detailed information on the O.J Simpson trial as a form of entertainment. The intent of this letter is not to bash lawyers. It is simply trying to state that people who take advantage of the system and benefit due to its deficiencies should not receive such profile and acclaim. The average hardworking productive American instead should receive credit that is deservedly his or hers. These people, however, unglamorous their work may be, made this nation great by engaging in free enterprise and by satisfying the true needs of their fellow man. The media often overlooks the importance of the working, productive and entrepreneurial people and fail to give them due appreciation. Amends need to be made.

Harsha Sankar

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Creation Of Wealth Is Remedy To Poverty-An Article By Harsha Sankar- October 1994

Dear Citizen, October 1994

Governor George Allen has proved to be an ambitious administrator in his first year in office. He has proposed radical changes that will revamp and restructure the role of state government and how it is funded. However,Governor Allen has demonstrated the inability to prioritize and put things in perspective. He also has shown he lacks understanding on how wealth is created and on what government’s role in society should be.

Governor Allen’s initiatives and proposals can be summed up in two ways:

1) He wants to cut social services and aid in order to provide tax cuts.

2) He wants to deregulate business and reduce the power of government agencies that regulate it.

While the second initiative is essential for the creation of economic opportunities, the first will present obstacles in the path of empowerment and social mobility. Moreover, even though it is widely agreed that big government is regressive, for anyone to simply cut services (even though inefficiently administrated) benefiting the needy just to provide tax relief to high–income people (regardless of whether they are productive) is inhumane. Although the Governor is correct to eliminate or decrease funding for pork-barrel projects, his plan to reduce aid to the disenfranchised without tackling the waste government produces in the private sector will only cause deep resentment and class warfare.

Government has two domestic requirements it needs to fulfill in society. One of those is the provision of a safety net so that people in strife will have access to the bare necessities.

The other is total,unequivocal,and equal protection of the basic rights of Virginians. Reforming the legal system which enables the parasitic forces in society to drain vast amounts of capital from productive Virginians should instead be a top item on the Governor’s agenda. Governor Allen’s constituents spend in excess of three billion dollars annually in lawyer fees alone. That figure itself exceeds the amount of tax revenue collected by this Commonwealth yearly. This dollar figure also represents the amount of money Virginians are blackmailed by its three branches of government to pay lawyers in order to avoid punishment or forfeiture of their basic rights. That is where the true welfare lies. The amount of money spent to assist the economically deprived (even though yielding a low rate of return) pales in comparison to the figure just quoted.

If Governor Allen would just take necessary steps to assist his constituents in obtaining justice without having to foot such an expensive bill, these actions alone would truly reform the welfare system. People would not need welfare because the abundance of new capital that would be available for investment (instead of currently being sucked up) would expand enormously the rate of productivity and economic growth. This would give Virginians the opportunities they deserve.

Governor Allen must come to the realization that people afflicted with poverty are not the cause of poverty, but rather are the victims instead. The answer to this strife is legal reform.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar


Legal System Serves Only Lawyers-By Harsha Sankar(March 1994)

Dear Citizen, March 1994

THIS NATION’S legal system needs reforming. It’s slow, expensive and inaccessible to many, and too often it’s corrupt and unjust. The main reason for this breakdown is that lawyers are allowed to shape the legal system to serve their own purposes instead of the public’s needs. More than 100 million who have legal problems cannot afford to hire an attorney. Here are some reasons why Americans have inadequate access to the legal system:

1. Many laws are hard to find and even harder to understand.
2. Lawyers’ hourly fees are about 10 times the average person’s hourly wage.
3. Judges and court clerks are generally hostile to self-help efforts. Because
of this, easy-to-use forms and procedures are rare.
4. Many legal procedures (house sales probating an estate, settling divorces,
etc.) are unnecessary and serve only to generate lawyers’ income.
5. Non-lawyers who compete with lawyers by providing high-quality, low-cost
legal-form-preparation services are punished as criminals.

The legal system’s real tragedy is that it hurts those it’s supposed to help and doesn’t punish those who commit wrongs on others.

One example of the gross inadequacies of our legal system is our tort system. Thousands of seriously injured victims don’t receive fair compensation, while a relative few are overcompensated tremendously.However, trial lawyers block any attempts at much-needed reform because the present system is so lucrative for them. They have so much control over state and federal legislatures, through connections, campaign contributions, etc., that they prevent well-meaning politicians from doing what’s right.

Another example is divorce. Instead of a process that helps people to separate with dignity, lawyers manage to convert people’s pain into billable hours for themselves.

Justice, the cure, should never be worse than injustice, the disease.This nation’s rapidly reaching the point just described.

It’s outrageous for people, businesses and large corporations to spend $100 to $300 an hour to have their inalienable rights interpreted, advocated and protected. The enormous sum of money that’s wasted could be put to productive use to satisfy a legitimate need. Lawyers don’t to anything that’s considered productive, and anyone who can speak is capable to advocating their claims.

Our once-proud system of law that systematically ensured justice for all is now at a serious crossroads. Lawyers are mainly the ones benefiting form this miserable muddle. The legal system’s purpose should be to serve the public, not make lawyers wealthy. The only way the public would truly be served is for this nation’s laws to be clear-cut and simple so that people can have their freedom.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar

908 Valley Ridge Road

Covington,Virginia 24426

Ushering The Police State Via Military-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, December 2011

As the rolls of the Bar Association attorneys continue to swell, one can continue to expect more oppressive and repressive legislation to be enacted that continue to deprive more and more Americans of their rights.

The U.S. Senate is expecting to pass S.1867, which is the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill gives policing power to the Department of Defense.The military can

1. Indefinitely detain American citizens and lawful resident aliens throughout the globe, including on American soil itself. There need not be a speedy trial and Habeas Corpus is suspended.

2. Engage in police work on American soil. This effectively repeals Posse Comitatus.

This could be quite reminiscent of the Stalinist Soviet Union or Nazi Germany where a knock on the door in the middle of the night meant that the person taken by the military was often never seen again. This measure’s detention principles are similar to the ones that sent innocent Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during WW II.

This bill has already been passed in the House of Representatives with nary a whimper by a 322-96 vote.

Senators Lindsey Graham(R-SC) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) state that America is part of the battlefield and this bill is necessary. This bill is over 600 pages long and is an attorneys' boon. It is totally unfocused, directionless, and wide-ranging. Only the attorney profession will be allowed to give it substance on an ad hoc basis.

Those are well-connected within the legal system may not have fear of this bill.However, most who are approached by the military, under the banner of this law, must be the most apprehensive.

This bill, because of the lobbyist setup of rules and standards of protocols in Congress, is not even a stand-alone bill. The Senate Armed Services Committee brought this as part of the military authorization bill. It should be the subject of its own bill.

Now is the time of Americans to galvanize the support of the local police and of the military to support a constitutional amendment calling for the ban of same-hands governance. The presence of attorneys in office is unwarranted and is highly destructive to representative governance.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426