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Lawyer Conspiracy In Small Town U.S.A.-Part III-Collaboration-Must Read

Harsha Sankar

Dear Fellow American, March 2005

I write this last letter about my legal matter that was concluded nearly seven years ago. What compels me to write, after all these years, is I never detailed the actions of one of the main co-conspirators and chief beneficiary of this travesty of justice, Maria Ellis.

People tend to solely blame the legal profession for the woes and excesses of the legal system. However, the bar associations cannot and would not be successful in gaining an undue and immoral control of government and society without a supporting cast. In Germany, a fringe party composed of extremists and bigots known as the Nazis, would not have risen to power if there had not been collaboration from the military, the financial markets, the farmers, the medical profession, the industrial sector, many small businesses, and a significant minority of apolitical Germans. The Nazi Party divided and conquered by whipping up hysteria and emotions. They seduced people by convincing them they were victims and that they were entitled to material benefits. It is amazing how people refused to think logically when they were afforded privileges.

Tens of millions of Americans, such as Maria Ellis, have deluded themselves that they are entitled to some things simply because they received it “legally”. Legal notwithstanding, people have the ultimate responsibility to consider whether their actions are moral and of common sense. That is why I detest Maria Ellis’eager participation in conspiring with the ruling elite to condemn me with such viciousness and malice in order to steal massive amounts of money from me. While no one is a saint, for any individual(s) to arrogate to oneself the self-righteousness and moral authority to condemn others on a personal level is simply not normal in a free and democratic nation.

Obviously no one cares and asks to be summoned to court for something he, she, or a family member did not do. My question is the same as it was in 1996 “What did it cost her to attend a closed court session for a $5.00 shoplifting incident I had sworn at the time her son committed?” Reasonable counsel’s fees, based on $100.00 per hour of focused, concentrated and good faith time, should not have exceeded $150.00-$175.00. Add at most an hour and a half of her time with possible loss of income, the total loss is a grand total of $200.00. Yet she seeks damages from the heavy hand of the imperial attorney-monopolized judiciary for $200,000.00, which is one thousand times her maximum economic loss. After her lawyer filed suit on her behalf seeking an additional $200,000.00, she “settles” for one half to two thirds of $85,309.40 (judgment plus interest). Not a bad investment for $175.00, if that, and 90 minutes, if that, of her time.

If an individual has a legitimate grievance, then the remedy or redress must be legitimate, reasonable, appropriate,proportionately just, and time-honored. All have the obligation to be objective and not give in or embrace reactionary, vigilante, irrational, and greedy instincts. Simply because someone makes another individual angry and offends him or her does not give the individual the right to react with such overzealousness. Simply put, no one should sue for property(money is property) over hurt feelings. If I sued over everyone who upset me, I would be in court non-stop for the next millennium trying to take their property. While I have had my fair share of disputes with people throughout the years, I do my best to stick to the relevant issues. I do not cite personal and other irrelevant information. I do this not out of altruism or not because I claim to have higher morals than the average individual, which I do not have. I stay focused on the related specifics due to the fact I do not want to perceived as not having a legitimate claim/defense. Smear tactics are used to discount the merits and most realize this.

Incidentally, during the 20 minute shoplifting trial, she adamantly stated, when asked, that her son was a good kid. How can an adult rationally tell oneself that this question is appropriate?

From the very beginning I offered to take a lie detector test to prove my innocence. This entails being picked up in a police vehicle, escorted to Salem, taking the comprehensive polygraph test, and brought back to Covington via police transport. This would have cost my business four hours of my time. Would that not have been enough to appease Maria Ellis? Apparently not, as a new holder of “victim” status, she sought and stole an astronomical amount of money simply because I accused her son of stealing $5.00 in products. Because I accused, either mistakenly or intentionally, her son of shoplifting two wine bottles, she, through counsel, purposely degraded and belittled me as a person and business owner. In order for her to “cash” in, I as a defendant in a civil lawsuit would have to be demonized and significantly reduced in the eyes of the jury and community if her lawyer, on her behalf and for her benefit, is to be successful in extorting and extracting a huge sum of valuable resources from me. She would also have to find out irrelevant and highly confidential financial information so again she could take the maximum amount possible.

If she honestly thought, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that I had not told the whole truth when I issued sworn statements that implicated R.M. Ellis, Jr., she should have urged the Commonwealth’s Attorney to prosecute me for perjury and/or filing a false police report. There simply is no excuse for this gold-digging shysterism.

Well after the lawsuit was filed and as possible jail time was imminent, I spoke to a mutual friend of the Ellises and mine, Tim Reedy. He told me he had tried to talk to the now deceased Randolph M. Ellis Sr. out of pursuing such an ugly, underhanded, and uncivil matter but received no response. While Maria Ellis’ and her lawyer’s motive behind their demand of all financial data were obvious, I asked Tim Reedy what is it with these very personal questions over a matter that may have happened over a decade ago(at a certain highly private setting) that I found very perturbing, insulting, and offensive? It had no bearing on the review and reporting of a shoplifting incident. His reply was “Without that, they would not have a case”. I found that revealing and also disturbing.

Even if that personal and confidential matter took place ten days instead of ten years prior to the reporting of the theft, it would still be irrelevant because only actions are to be judged and individuals are never to be branded. It still would not be the concern nor business of Maria Ellis. Even if what had happened in the mid 80’s had not been slanderous, it still would not have had been the concern nor business of Maria Ellis, regardless of what renegade jurists had instructed her.

What I found remarkable is she, through her lawyer, never asked the following fundamental questions?

1. Why did the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office not review the tape with me of the particular incident after they reviewed it with her, her son, and her husband?
2. Why did it take three months for me to receive the tape after her son was declared innocent?
3. Why was I not notified of her son’s innocence by the prosecutor?
4. What was the definition of the monitor in which I reviewed the shoplifting incident?
My time-lapse recording system’s monitor obviously provides more clarity than the average TV set.
5. What speed did I watch the shoplifting incident? With a regular VCR she watched the tape at regular speed. On a time-lapse recorder, I was able to review the incident at one-third the regular speed.
6. Why should I be held liable for damages, despite no proof of damages, when I have no authority to prosecute and did not? One answer is the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has immunity to civil lawsuits so the Plaintiff chose to seize money where she could.
7. How many bottles of wine does it take to obtain a gross profit of $200,000.00?
8. Who wants their business to be victimized by shoplifting?
9. Why did the prosecutor not review or have a police officer review the tape before the trial? There were no eyewitnesses as the tape was the sole piece of evidence.

Apparently she did not want answers to these questions.As I have already explained in my last letter released for circulation two years ago (on my own terms) in regards to personal information, I was the recipient of severe endangerment, psychotropic poisoning, emotional abuse, torment, and defamation by a certain doctor in 1986. What is done is done and it cannot be undone. This also begs the question “What ethical psychotherapist writes notes about
a patient/client for a third-party to read?” However, when Dr. and Mrs. Sankar (father & mother) were subpoenaed, she wanted questions about my finances and personal life to be answered. Apparently with lottery-style money on the brain, she never gave this any thought.

While neither parent had any knowledge about the Quikster Food Mart, the fact they were forced to appear for a deposition to see if they would provide any negative and incriminating personal information about me is indecent and shameless. For anyone to attempt to take advantage of any possible family friction (past or present) in order to embarrass and mortify even an opposing litigant is malicious and vicious. Lies, in her presence and with her knowledge, were told to both parents. I never stalked her son and I never stared at him at a football game. As I had cited back then, why would I have anything against a minor who was seemingly caught in the crossfire?

While I am not claiming to be to be highly principled, there has to be a certain level of integrity, social conscience, and moral restraint in how we try to resolve differences. Anyone who exploits the force of law for material benefit is simply feeding the monster of absolutism and demagoguery. Totalitarianism rears its ugly head only when the values of the rank-and-file have been corrupted. Tyranny reigns supreme as rights are reduced to privileges and everyone struggles to climb that ladder of aristocratic hierarchy and join the ranks of the upper echelons of society. The only way to survive in this society is to thrive in a dog-eat-dog atmosphere.

As I have already stated, even if I had falsely (instead of mistakenly as I have always asserted after careful review of the tape on the second occasion) her son of stealing wine bottles, that does not legitimize her successful attempt in stealing $85,309.40. Even if she had that belief, she could have returned her percentage of the judgment ($43K-$57K). I had already spent 64 days in jail. If I did the crime, I most certainly did the time. The Quikster Food Mart (my business) had already lost a significant amount of money while I was in custody. Bearing her legal costs was tremendous. Add that she knew that then Commonwealth Attorney J.C. Alderson lied in a newspaper article deeming the race, sex, and general age of the actual shoplifter could not be determined by the review of the videotape. Yet that thought of returning money never even crossed her mind. The ends justified the means.

Since these events and abuses have become so commonplace and widespread, people like M. Ellis feel this is normal and she was deserving of this. The intent of this letter is to burst the bubble of this virtual reality matrix. We as citizens need to take the blue pill as Keanu Reeves did and start thinking for ourselves. The handling of this matter and its results are grotesque, abnormal, dysfunctional, and repugnant to the ideals of basic freedoms. As so many have stated “Liberty contracts when government expands”.

There are 100’s of reasons for Maria Ellis to rationalize this monumental theft. I have heard it all before and I refuse to go there. It is also beneath the reader’s dignity to read these reasons. Few months after I had been released from jail and was appealing the trial court’s verdict to the Virginia Supreme Court, I had heard a rumor that R.M. Ellis, Jr. was boasting to his friends about all the money he would receive. I did not attach much veracity to that until December, 1997. The day I was notified my appeal was rejected by the State Supreme Court, I went to see a movie (Scream 2) in Covington. As I walking to the theatres, I noticed at least three or four teenagers (who happened to be of the same race as the civil suit plaintiff) smiling directly at me. While I am not making any certain claims, I could not help but think a few days later that the story of boasting may indeed be true. All I will write now is exploitation of an arbitrary and corrupt legal system is nothing one should brag about and be proud.

Our country is in the grip of hedonism and materialism. The majority of Americans are growing weary of this absence of principles and standards as they just want the Law to return to its simple, predictable, and limited form. In the name of justice, law and order, the legal profession has re-established the citizen’s way of life as a zero-sum man-eating flesh game. This breeds the dangerous “philosophy of entitlement” and the fearful “cult of personalities”. Instead, we should go back to the days of mutual reciprocity, simple honesty, and trust in which merits as recognized by society are rewarded and stray away from the seductions of legal activism.

As one freedom fighter noted “America is great because Americans are good. Once Americans cease to be good, America will cease to be great.” Ladies, gentlemen, and other concerned citizens, we have reached that point. Forget the war in the Middle East. We the People, the citizenry, are fighting a war on our soil on a much grander scale on an everyday basis. What happened to me has happened to at least 150 million other Americans in some shape or form. Some have been persecuted to a far greater extent. More have suffered to a lesser degree and many of those are not even aware of this. The most obvious symptom, aside from extremely high lawyer fees, is the fact our healthcare, education, and regulatory systems are holding the average American hostage for a huge sum of ransom. To borrow loosely from Indian freedom fighter M.Gandhi, we have enough for everyone’s need but not nearly enough for everyone’s greed.

I certainly hope these next few statements are not perceived as a personal attack. I could not help but note at that time that M. Ellis was a preacher of Christianity in a house of worship. Even though I am a Hindu, I definitely saw the contradictions and hypocrisy. I started to read the King James version of the Holy Bible for insight. As I understand it, did not Jesus warn people to not stay away from temptation? Was this not how Adam and Eve met their fall? Did not Jesus warn against lawyers, high priests and pharisees and that people should not afford them blind obedience? Did not Jesus denounce “Gatekeepers” and establish a philosophy that God listens to all and that everyone should have a personal relationship with Him. Did not Jesus throw a fit when he saw a house of God prostituted for mercantile means and denounce such practice? Did not Jesus preach empathy as he urged others to love thy neighbor and fellow man? Yet our halls of law, liberties and justice, taken over by the bar associations without a shot being fired, has been defiled in such fashion. While I do not subscribe to Jesus as savior, I certainly embrace many of his ideals and messages. He certainly preached that people must prioritize the triumph of morality over the triumph of might and victory. Jesus of Nazareth apparently practiced it too. He could have easily saved himself from an excruciating crucifixion and by living achieved more success in developing a much bigger following.

It seems that many appear to saturate themselves in Christianity as a rock that has been in the oceans for thousands of years. However the inner core of the rock is dry when split into two. So is the inner core of the souls of many professed “believers” who in actuality allow the “golden calf” precede in importance above all values.

At the end of the day, her lawyer will just state that he served his client to the best of his ability in a cost-effective manner. While this is a lame excuse because this legal action was a trumped up SLAPP( Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation), it certainly is not totally meritless. Again I borrow from Christianity when I write, as I understand it, Satan has no internal power. His power comes from those who co-operate. Only the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can generate power and sustenance for those who wish to tap it. Another analogy that can be used is a virus cannot sustain itself. It must feed on other organisms if it is to be viable. If people, not just in America but throughout the world, would just non-comply with forces of darkness, the apparatuses of tyranny, autocracies, and subjugation would literally disappear overnight. This is why I undertook an extensive letter-writing, internet communication, and distribution campaign. I knew the majority of average Americans such as myself could see through this warped and twisted sense of justice that our legal system has too often adapted.

On a personal note, I am condemned to struggle as I cannot own a conventional retail/service business that has visible assets and still continue to exercise my freedom of speech and press. Needless to write the last seven years my income derived from my wholesale/direct marketing company has not even reached subsistent levels. The legal and regulatory systems, controlled by the bar associations, has already enticed one individual (Oliver “Butch” Reid”) to defraud and cheat me out of a significant amount of money. To summarize, he expressed his auction company should get over $18,400.00 for the container of handicrafts, rosewood and teakwood items and furniture that had just arrived on American soil. The auction netted less than $2,900.00. He in turn received a sizable commission. However, what made me condemn his morals and ethics is he had at least one individual (Bill Snyder) buy secretly for him. I have the pictures of my products taken in both India and later in his old store in Covington as well as the bidder and buying lists to prove this. Yet the Auctioneer’s Board dismissed my case without any objective review of the specific and relevant facts. Reid made the same personal and slanderous attacks against me, as his defense, as was made against me by Maria Ellis and her lawyer.

Fortunately the vast majority of auctioneers, salespeople, customers, and independent contractors have been very reasonable and fair with me.

Economic impoverishment is the one of the worst crimes that can be inflicted on an individual. Economic deprivation is the worst form of imprisonment.

I swear the preceding is true on March 16th, 2005

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

2nd letter regarding Lawyer Conspiracy In Small Town,U.S.A

Dear Citizen,

I sued, in May 2002 the attorney(Dabney L. Pasco) for public defamation .He had the local newspaper publish his second lawsuit(technically his lawsuit against Fast Mart,Inc) which stated I had or have had a mental condition which,by rendering me delusory,paranoid, and abnormal, caused me to engage in reckless,socially unacceptable behavior(he was referring to my wide circulation of letters).This article was published on February 24,1997.

On April 26th,one day after I had gotten out of jail,his remark that "I had engaged in a pattern of falsely accusing people" was published in the Roanoke Times. Obviously these assertions are totally false.They were made out of the scope of Judge Byrd's ruling.If Judge Byrd allowed Pasco to review the misleading,slanderous,and defamatory medical record compilation by this unethical and dangerous doctor,then Byrd is in clear violation of the law.If Mr.Pasco did not illegally gain knowledge of these leaks,then on what basis did he publish this lawsuit filled with these statements in the Virginian Review?

While the medical records were not as nearly negative as Pasco's slanderous and libelous statements, the trauma that I experienced from the doctor who compiled these records was enormous.It is indescribable the emotional harm inflicted on me by not just the public defamation,humiliationand "branding",but also by the overmedication and random,reckless,and frequent change of highly potent,inappropriate,and toxic medication. These statements continue to cause extremely bad memories to resurface.

I can scientifically prove this doctor engaged in highly unethical medical practices and thus should have no credibility.He and his wife seem to be doctors "on the run" because they have shifted practices so many times.I was informed about this by the Virginia Psychiatric Board,the American Psychiatric Board, or the psychiatric branch of the Virginia Medical Board.

I sued for the amount seized from me (85,309.00). It was dismissed in August 7th, 2002 due to the expiration of statute of limitations.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
201 Interstate Drive

Lawyer Conspiracy In Small Town U.S.A.

Dear Citizen,

I thought I would write about my own harrowing experience with lawyer-judicial tyranny as a small and common example of how the lawyer monopolized judiciary are"raping"Americans. Fortunately I was blessed to obtain publicity for this "railroading."Many are forced to suffer in silence.

The conspirators were Judge Duncan M.Byrd,attorney Dabney L.Pasco,and the two local prosecutors(Commonwealth AttorneyJ.Christopher Alderson and AssistantCommonwealth Attorney Edward K.Stein)In the middle of February 1996,my surveiilance people(James Bayne,Kevin Johnson)of my former store (The Quikster Food Mart located on 810 C. Madison Street,Covington,Virginia)reported that a theft of two bottles of wine had taken place after he had reviewed the videotape.Since the tape recorded transactions in the middle to third week of January, we deduced the theft took place at that time. We reviewed the recorded incident on the Store's black-n-white time-lapse recorder, which allowed us to watch the theft at one-third the regular speed.While the surveillance people did not recognise the culprit,I did after reviewing it twice.

I called the police and told them a high school student(a young black man) had stolen two wine bottles from the Quikster. I was informed by them to contact the juvenile probation officer since the person who I honestly thought stole the products(R.M.Ellis,Jr.)was under age. On February 28th,I spoke to this intake officer and told him what I believed to be the absolute truth. He(Jon Gilbert)then had me go the magistrate and sign a sworn affidavit to this effect.

On March 23rd,I was subponaed to the trialof R.M.Ellis Jr.,which lasted twenty minutes.The prosecutor(Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney)Edward Stein had not even reviewed the tape.(Howis it possible for a person to prosecute if he/she is not convinced of the defendant's guilt? How can they prove it to the judge or jury?) After the twenty minute episode,Mr.Stein reviewed it with the juvenile's parents.

Approximately ten days later,I receive a threatening letter from Mr.Pasco(who has close ties with the Commonwealth Attorney).When I tried to contact Mr.Stein,he hung upon me twice.It took me nearly three months before I obtained the tape back from the Court.I was told neither the judge in the juvenile criminalcase nor Mr.Alderson would authorise its release.
After writing to and calling the Commonwealth'sAttorney's office,I (along with nearly ten-twelve others who provided support) staged a demonstration in front of the Courthouse to finally obtain its release.After further extensive review of the tape,the culprit was another young black man(Carlos Jeter).I had two other people, including his uncle,to verify this.

To condense this story,suit was filed on June 11th,1996. Judge Byrd unconstitutionally subponaed my medical records(over a decadeold)from the local hospital.He then orders me to surrender all my financial data to Mr.Pasco as well as provide consent for him to release the medical records(accurate or distorted) to Mr.Pasco.I then refuse, citing no relevancy proven and that this ruling violated my 4th Amendment Rights(I later mentioned this also was in violation of federal and Virginia statutory law). Furthermore,I conveyed to the judge fromthe beginning only the Commonwealth Attorney can officially charge and prosecute an individual based on their perception of evidence and that they should be responsible for the harm inflicted on the juvenile (At most,he and his guardian lost an hour and a half time and a couple hundred dollars in lost income and attorney fees).The prosecutor does not represent the victim,which was my store.

The judge(D.M.Byrd)charges me with contempt of court and rules me in default of judgment.He then incarcerates me until I agree to provide him permission to release this doctor's compilation and financial data to plaintiff's counsel. After I spend nine weeks in jail and still refuse, judgment by Byrd is granted against me for $80,300.00(April 25th,1997).

The Virginia Supreme Court and U.S.Supreme Court refuse to hear my petition.

I swear the preceding is true.

Harsha Sankar April 13, 2000

Individual Responsibilities-Individual Rights-Attorney totalitarianism subverts this

Dear Citizen, October 2002

It is time personal responsibility is emphasized with judicial power being severely restricted and limited to the support and application of the written law.Damages and punishment should already be prescribed by written law and not decided by the passions and whims of the court on an instantaneous basis.

In West Palm Beach,California,the handgun used to kill popular Lake Worth Middle School teacher Barry Grunow goes on trial today,portrayed as a dangerous and defective product that has led a life of crime. Grunow's widow claims in a civil suit against the gun's distributor, Valor Corp. of Sunrise, her husband's death might have been averted if the gun had been less dangerous and had been secured with a gun lock.

This is nonsense. From cigarette lawsuits to slavery reparations, lawyer totalitarianism has undermined the necessary ingredients that kept this country free. People have lost their vigilance and have quit asking questions which is necessary to obtain the basic and common sense truth. It is apparent too many are depending on too few to preserve our basic liberties. Our pervasive government provides too many incentives for people to sellout for creature comforts. Unfortunately, we are only too willing to accept. Regrettably, the land of the free and brave is now home of the arrogant parasite. This is not compatible in a first-world, modern, progressive, and free society. America has been reduced to third world status, with the lawyers and bureaucrats acting as dons and capos.

James Madison's Constitution warned Americans against same hands and same faction government. The original 13th Amendment affirmed the same. This proposed lawyers should not hold non-judicial offices in fear it would create a ruling class which would eventually conspire to subjugate instead of to serve and protect the People. This is purely elementary. How can anyone be a player or coach and a referee without a conflict of interest not existing?

The highly unConstitutional private bar associations' attorneys neither work for individual rights or social justice. They are imperialists of the worst kind. While they cost every man, woman, and child $5,000.00 annually, it is the evil essence rather than the negative economic impact which is most appalling. The system of absolute control of the fascists and communists could not be reformed or mended. Neither can lawyerism, which represents the corrupt nature of total power and symbolizes the pagan of kingship. All the People can do is put a stake in its heart,scatter the ashes, and hope this immoral manifestations never rises again.

Yet as the real poverty rate is at least 20%, a quarter of the children go hungry, and despair sets in, Americans are strong and resolute. Despite the aristocrats' sycophants in Hollywood and in the media, we will refuse to be seduced because we have the will to sacrifice for self-determination. We do not have the insatiable appetite for entertainment. American principles will eventually save America from the path the Romans took. Victory from bondage will belong to those who seize it for their nation.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Lawyers Raping America-Reparations To Descendants Of Slaves(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, August 2001

While the media was consumed about Jesse Jackson's "love child",it is ignoring this issue of importance. Professor Charles Ogletree is leading a group of lawyers who are seeking to make even more riches for themselves, off black slavery that occured 140 years ago.They are called Reparations Assessment Group.It seeks to obtain compensation for Blacks. The professor and his greedy colleagues are not concerned there are thousands of slaves in Africa because there is no money to be made off of them.Richard Scruggs (His lawyer team was awarded $92 billion in the $368 billion tobacco settlement), Dennis Sweet(whose firm received one-quarter of the $400 million judgement granted against "phen-fen"), and Johnny Cochran are also co-conspirators and members in efforts to convert American democracy into lootocracy.

Even the Ugandan president blamed African Chiefs,not Westerners,for bondage. What about thousands of Black slave owners in the South? Who is going to trace their descendants? How about studies which reveal 90% of Black Americans are of mixed ancestry? Will each person receive a pro-rated amount based on his/her own lineage?

One question which will be easy to answer is which lawyer receives a fee.The private bar associations control society in as much as the Nazis did in Germany and Communists do in China.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road

Covington,Virginia 24426

Reasons Why Jobs Are Going Overseas-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, September 30th, 2003

Since NAFTA was passed in 1994, 7.8 million jobs have been lost in the manufacturing sector. This onerous agreement should be renamed the Nothing About Free Trade Agreement because it severely curtails competitive free trade. It did hardly anything in just reducing tariffs, quotas, and streamlining procedures. The American worker(scientist-engineer to manual/menial laborer) is still the most productive in the world.Statements citing cheaper labor as the chief reason for this job exodus are merely cop-outs made by the status quo. France and Germany, two premier high-wage nations, greatly increased its trade with other less-developed European countries in 1985 since the formation of the Common Market. Their economies each have since doubled, with the standard of living increasing accordingly.

NAFTA is an 1800 page agreement which, while extremely fertile for U.S.corporate attorneys, bureaucrats, and financial capitalists, is a nightmare for U.S. businesses, investors, and employees. When Americans are burdened by such voluminous and vague regulations and other nations are not, it does not take a scholar to conclude who benefits and who do not. People are fed up with these games.

The greatness of American business icons such as Henry Ford and Bill Gates is they took something which is naturally very complex and incorporated their innovations to simplify it so that nearly everyone can access, utilize, and directly benefit from these scientific technologies. Because of them, driving and computer use is common.

Yet our legal system does the reverse so that only the legal profession and their beneficiaries hold the keys to power. Why are tax laws, health- care laws, and laws governing finance so incomprehensible, written with inane jibberish and jargon? Because if laws were few and simple, Americans would not be forced to pay for the mammoth banking, healthcare, corporate, education, and government bureaucracies? If the laws were uniform and not subject to total metamorphisis and mutations by lawyer dominated governance, then the stock exchanges, boards of trade, the accounting profession, insurance companies, healthcare-providers, real estate, lending institutions, brokerage firms,"economic development organizations", and other marginalists could not command such the huge sum of wealth from the productive sectors.

The bar associations, although cloaked as eagles by themselves, Hollywood, and our miseducation systems, are merely vultures. They have a vampiric effect in that they convert productivity into the forces of parasitism and regression. Unfortunately, as they continue to multiply, so do their feeder industries who rely on such needless formalities so they can carve a bigger share of the pie for themselves. All this does is increase the cost of living for all. 1.7 million more Americans dipped into poverty this past year. According to the P.B.S. McNeil/ Lehrer Report, real unemployment is 18.6%. The infrastucture is in dire need for reinvestment to at least 1.3 trillion dollars as cited by the AP over a year ago. Yet we have lawyers demanding 55 million dollars in the Credit Card suit and incredibly 60 million USD involving California energy companies and their customers for price-gouging and fixing during its brownouts. This at the very least is the kettle calling the pot black.

Americans need to quit watching trash tv shows and should be charged to focus its attention on this broad issue. That is purging the poisoners of our land by working individually and in unison for the emancipation of labor and wealth-creation from the oppression of the aristocracy.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

Support War-Denounce Israel-Investigate 9/11-De-Lawyer America-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, February 2003

For the moment Americans should shift its focus away from other issues and controversies and just support the war effort to oust Saddam Hussein from power. After the conclusion of the 1991 U.S.-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein agreed, albeit to the U.N., that Iraq would completely eliminate all its weapons of mass destruction if the American military,half a million strong, would not invade Iraq. Iraq had already gained the wrath of many nations by its massive destruction of Kuwaiti oilfields. President George H.W. Bush was relentlessly pressured to topple Hussein. He resisted due to this concession and felt the removal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait satisfied all objectives. Iraq stated it would need 120 days for total destruction of its WMDs. By its own declaration, it had 8,500 litres of anthrax and a vast chemical arsenal. Iraq developed biological and chemical weapons as a counterweight to the Israeli nuclear threat and its known aggression. Biological and chemical weapons can be produced in a room or trailer. It can be mass-manufactured by any conventional food, beverage, fertilizer, petrolem-product, and pharmaceutical industry. Since Saddam already experienced the repercussions of developing nuclear power( Israel bombed its reactor in 1981), he felt bio-chemical was more practical.

Now obviously it is totally impossible for 250 U.N. inspectors to comb a country the size of both California and Massachussets. U-2 planes are totally useless as well. If American highly-sophisticated satellite technology failed to detect India's three H-bombs blasts it conducted in 1998, how can America or the U.N. world government status-craving find "smoking guns" that can be hidden in vans? Common sense dictates Iraq has the burden to prove with hard evidence beyond any doubt it has incontrovertibly destroyed all WMD-capabilities. Twelve years after the fact, it has yet to do so.

When Hitler trashed, instead of renegotiating, the Versailles treaty with no objections, it marked the beginning of what was to come. As JFK stated, "Peace at all costs is a prelude to War". While Iraq is not remotely close to pre-WWII Germany in terms of relative strengths, times have changed in that it only takes a small number of operatives to inflict catastrophic damage. This was a monumental concern after the Soviet Union disintegrated. Fortunately due to the rationality,centralized structure, and maturity of these ex-republics and the ethics of their scientists, nothing has happened. However, when it comes to numerous and independently operated Al-Queda cells, this definitely cannot be presumed. Moreover, even though Osama Bin Laden despises Saddam and even called for his execution by the Iraqi people, any autonomous cell can act on its own accord and purchase bio-chem weapons from Iraq without even a trace. With the Iraqi people's extreme wrath at the sadistic Hussein regime and the decimation of its military and industry, all America needs to do is kick down the door and the rotten structure will crumble like ahouse of cards.

Seven paths America must follow if there is a regime change through actual force.

1. The confusion the U.N. has created with involvement has been disastrous. Military action may not have been necessary had not the Clinton and even to a lesser degree the Bush Administrations appeased and catered to these unelected power-hungry bureaucrats. No private American citizen ever voted for them. The U.N. must be reduced as host mediators in the debate amongst sovereign nations. The Iraqi disarmament issue should have been resolved bilaterally or multilaterally.

2. Many critics state this American move is all about oil. If that was the case, the Bush administration and congressional colleagues would find it much easier and much less risky to significantly relax reduce the irrational regulations by revenue-hungry environmental extremists and allow drilling to take place in Alaska,in the Gulf of Mexico, and off the coasts of Florida and California. The people would prefer that to the horrors of war. Unless the Bush Presidency is insane or absolutely braindead, the last thing they would want America to do is to control the oil fields. They have incessantly pitched to Americans, fellow lawmakers, and to the world that any pre-emptive strike would be a defensive measure,act of liberation, and definitely not of conquest. America must stay in Iraq just long enough for the Iraqi people and its representatives establish a viable,democratic,and stable government.

3. America must no longer support Israel and its racist,expansionist government. Have many wondered why other Arab governments have no strong objections to America's inevitable invasion and yet there is a huge backlash in France, Germany, and Belgium? The clear majority of people in Great Britain and other western European nations are opposed to the use of American military force. American taxpayers have given the Zionist State 150 billion in today's dollars and are on the verge of being compelled to give $12 billion more. The common people do not benefit from seeing nearly 33% of its foreign aid go to a country of just 5.5 million. Israel oppresses severely 4.4 million Arabs living within its borders and in occupied terroritories, has nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, has at least 200 missiles to deliver its WMD's, has a vast spy ring in the U.S.,and often resells its indigenously created or donated American military hardware and technology to China. Many Americans of Jewish descent are divided on the Israel issue and America's imminent invasion. Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, Richard Gere, and Barbra Streisand are stridently opposed to war. There have been some groups who have even burned the Israeli flag. There are also many pro-zionists in the White House and in the media who not just support current Israeli policies, but hope the ouster of Saddam will lead to "Greater Israel". The media obviously has buried many stories and reports the average American needs to know.

4. All the onerous and repressive laws passed need to be repealed. Why should Americans risk their lives for freedom abroad if their liberties are restricted here?

5. The borders need to be secured and immigration must be restricted to only English-speaking people whose productive skills will immediately improve the standard of living of Americans.

6. America must de-lawyer, de-bureaucratize, deregulate,de-litigate, and de-tax itself so that its number one export is no longer jobs, particularly to its biggest enemy, China. Americans must weans itself off Chinese slave-labor imports and the way to do that is for America to bring back all those factories and industries that have gone overseas, particularly to China. Once the Iraq matter is settled, America must focus its attention to industry and service businesses through free enterprise so that it is prepared for its destiny, a cold or hot war with China.By discipline,ruthlessness,and its sole focus on production, it has become a military and economic superpower. A fascist nation, its ambitions are limitless and will soon threaten the
freedoms of Americans. WE MUST PRIORITIZE.

7. There needs to be a thorough investigation of 9/11 by a non-lawyer and non-partisan commission. People implicated must be criminally prosecuted and sentenced.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

THE SILENT SOCIAL REVOLUTION (The lawyer explosion, Robt Surrick)


While liberals and conservatives are bashing each other over Iraq, tax cuts, abortion, George Dubya and other hot button issues, a silent social revolution has taken place in these United States under the radar screen. It is the proliferation of lawyers and the destruction they are causing. I practiced law in Pennsylvania for almost forty years.

When admitted to the Bar in Delaware County in 1961, I was the 138th lawyer in a county of 500,000 people. That's one lawyer for every 3,623 residents. Forty years later, there are still 500,000 people in the county and over 1,500 lawyers. That is one lawyer for every 333 residents. In Pennsylvania, in 1972, there were 12 million people and 13,057 lawyers. The math here is one lawyer for every 919 people. In 2002, there are still 12 million people but now there are 54,598 lawyers. The math in this case is one lawyer for every 219 residents.

In a static population, the number of lawyers quadrupled in just 30 years. Read on to find out how it happened and what the result has been. Believe me, it adversely affects every citizen of this country.It happened for laudable social reasons. In the sixties and early seventies, the practice of law was a club for white males only. In countering this unacceptable inequality, the law schools saw an opportunity to increase revenues and admitted virtually every applicant who could afford the tuition, and gave grants to women and minority applicants. When I took the Bar Examination in 1960, it was traditional that only 50% passed. The standards were lowered and the pass rate went to over 95%.

As the ranks of lawyers swelled, there was ferocious competition to make a living practicing law. New causes of action were created to feed the herd. The number of lawsuits skyrocketed. Lawyers were crawling all over each other for the pot of gold at the end of a lawsuit. The competition had the predictable result of lawyers cutting ethical and even legal corners. A judge teaching ethics at Temple Law School once told me of a class where the students wanted to debate whether or not it would be worth it to lose their license "if the hit was big enough."

Public perception of lawyers has dropped precipitously. In this year's Gallup Poll, only 16% of those surveyed rated the legal profession as "honest" and "ethical."Lawyers began to target whole industries. In the sixties and early seventies, Pennsylvania was the center of this nation's small aircraft industry. Lycoming Engines, Piper Aircraft, Cherokee and Cessna employed tens of thousands in the rolling hills of north central Pennsylvania. When a small plane went down, there was usually a fatality. Fatalities are worth big bucks in a courtroom. The number of lawsuits against small aircraft manufacturers surged. What is left in north central Pennsylvania? Empty factories and high unemployment, that's what's left.

In my recently published book, LAWYERS, JUDGES AND JOURNALISTS: The Corrupt and the Corruptors, I also examine the medical malpractice crisis sweeping our country. It started in Pennsylvania. Nineteen states have now been rated "in crisis" by the American Medical Association and the number is increasing. "In crisis" means that the public is at risk. It is at risk because significant doctors in the high-risk specialties such as ob/gyn, orthopedics, neurosurgery and general surgery have left their state or curtailed services. Why? Only one reason. Because medical liability premiums have skyrocketed as insurance carriers have gone out of business, or stopped selling malpractice insurance completely. The states "in crisis" are New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Oregon. In Chester County where I am writing this, there is no longer a neurosurgeon to cover the three hospitals. There is anecdotal evidence that two people have recently died of a subdural hematoma while being transported by ambulance to another county.

In my book, I outline how this came to pass. A group of lawyers banded together in 1970 to form the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association known as PATLA. They formed an alliance with a justice of the Supreme Court (Pennsylvania's highest court) named Rolf Larsen and their power and money grew. Larsen was elected in 1977 and by 1980 his unethical political activities caused the Chief Justice to ask the Judicial Inquiry and Review Board to investigate. I was serving on that Board at the time as an appointee of Governor Thornburgh. I voted to remove Larsen in 1983 but the five judge majority on that board voted in lockstep to dismiss the charges. Ten years later, in 1993, Larsen was impeached, convicted and removed from office, but you will have to read the book for that story.

The trial lawyers saw the mother lode in medical malpractice lawsuits and the suing started. By the 1990s Philadelphia had a huge backlog of medical malpractice cases. The doctors' insurance carriers tried to take the cases out of Philadelphia to the counties where they belonged, but the Supreme Court, by now in PATLA's thrall, stepped in and blocked the exits. The jury verdicts began to swell in number and size. Jurors with a lottery mentality handed out multi-million dollar awards. The average med mal verdict in Philadelphia is now over one million dollars and verdicts against doctors and hospitals now reach up to forty million dollars. These dollars, formerly available for health care, are now lining the lawyers' pockets. The result? Hospitals are closing trauma centers and ob/gyn clinics. Doctors are leaving Pennsylvania in droves. Over sixteen hundred physicians, mostly high-risk specialists, have fled Pennsylvania, retired early, given up medicine or severely curtailed services in the last two years alone. There is no incentive to continue to practice medicine. There are only three orthopedic surgeons left here under 35 years of age. Half of the physicians in PA are over the age of 50. Pennsylvania has seven medical schools, some world class. What resident at these medical schools in these specialties in his or her right mind would choose to practice here? On August 25, 2002, The New York Times reported that medical malpractice premiums have doubled or even tripled for some doctors in the last few years, rising to as high as $200,000 a year.

But it is not just Pennsylvania. It is happening in every state where the legislators have sat on their hands at the behest of the trial lawyers who pour millions of dollars into lobbying legislators and in judicial election campaigns. I predict that some of the readers of this newsletter will have a loved one die in the next twenty years because of the absence of a nearby trauma center or specialist in an emergency. So, in the final analysis, it is not just about money-it is about the disappearing doctor, which is creating a health care delivery crisis that affects every man, woman and child in this country.

Dickinson School of Law recently merged with Penn State University. A memo to the Board of Trustees from the new Dean talked of moving the law school from Carlisle, Pennsylvania to the main campus at State College. The reason for the move? So that the law school could EXPAND! When I graduated in 1960, there were about sixty in my class. The first year class in 2002 was two-hundred and eighty! And they want to expand. Why? We are being overrun by lawyers and the law schools want to pump out more lawyers. The reason is the law schools are no longer serving the profession as they once did-they have become profit centers. Make no mistake about it, the expansion of the law schools is ego and money driven. In an interesting contrast, medical school admissions nationwide have dropped for the sixth year in a row! What are all these newly minted lawyers doing? They are suing McDonalds on behalf of overweight clients. They are suing the airlines when a client gets a blood clot. They will sue any entity or person with deep pockets in the hope of making a buck. Take a look at your newspaper, any day, and read about the lawsuits and multi-million dollar jury verdicts. And remember, it is only the big verdicts that get reported. Most cases never reach a courtroom or the public eye - but the smaller, quieter settlements cost every citizen in some way.You might ask how does this affect you?

According to Larry Klayman, General Counsel to Judicial Watch (who I don't usually agree with but he sometimes gets his facts right), there is a "litigation tax" of 2.5% on every product you purchase. He claims the tort system costs every individual $1,200 annually. This "tax" adds $500 for every new car bought, increases vaccine costs by twenty times and inflates the price of a pacemaker by $3,000. He notes lawsuits caused 36% of corporations to discontinue products, 15% to lay off workers and 8% to close plants. I would note that if only 10% of Pennsylvania's doctors close their practice, and the statistics show this trend, and if each of those doctors employ 3-4 people, that is a loss of 18,500 jobs. The Manhatten Institute recently wrote that lawsuits are producing revenue for the trial lawyers of 40 billion a year. The revenue being generated is 50% more than the earnings of Microsoft and of Intel and twice that of Coke Cola.

As best I can tell, there are only four surefire ways to become wealthy. First, you can get money the old-fashioned way by inheriting it. Second, you can win the lottery. Third, you can work for it, but that doesn't get many people wealthy. Fourth, you can sue some doctor or some corporation or some hospital and hit the jackpot. And make no mistake about it - the easiest thing in today's world is to find a lawyer willing to sue anyone-on a 40% contingent fee, plus court costs and expenses, of course.

It truly breaks my heart to see this once proud and honorable profession become the subject of ridicule and derision. Lawyer jokes abound and for good reason. The practice of law has become ugly. As I note in my book, I don't know a single lawyer over fifty who is enjoying the practice.Are there any solutions to this serious problem. It took a long time to develop and will take a long time to solve. In a future issue, I will offer solutions to this very serious problem. Keep reading the Washington Spectator.If you want to keep current on what is happening in the health care delivery crisis, ask Donna Baver Rovito at to add you to her two or three times a week email newsletter, Liability Update, a service she provides as part of the Legislation Committee of the PA Medical Society Alliance.

LAWYERS, JUDGES AND JOURNALISTS: The Corrupt and the Corruptors, can be purchased online at, where you can read sample chapters, or by sending $23.00 which includes shipping and tax to surrickbook, Box 42, West Chester, PA 19381.

Condemn attorneys for looting-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, March 31st, 2004

Frequent mention is made of the notorious Enron executives.
While they are worthy of chastisement, strongly condemn the
lawyers for looting Enron in the form of fees to the excess of
one billion? Jeffrey Skilling lawyers alone received $26 million
to date. Yet the mainstream media does not feel it sufficiently
newsworthy to report in detail.

This money should go to shareholders, pensionholders, and other creditors. These
outrageous fees are legal theft.

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

The Key Ingredient Of Totalitarianism Is Seduction-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, August 21st, 2003

In June, Virginia Tech sued the ACC and two universities,claiming defendants "conspired" to destroy the Big East. After receiving an ACC bid, it changed tune 180 degrees. While it apparently extorted its bid, small numbers only have complained about the means.

Recently VT received $ 2.4 million in taxpayers money from USAID. It obviously could not attract that money voluntarily.

In other countless government/judicial actions, people have been exorbitantly enriched for non-economic loss.

The main ingredient in totalitarianism has,is,and will be seduction. Too many seek wealth, instead of redemption, from defective governance. Christianity states only Satan offers material benefits.Yet many proclaimed "believers" misuse the sytem to convert injury(legitimate or not) into cash.Crime should not pay for the victim because two wrongs do not make a right.The desire for justice or rewards based on merit and non-coercion has been replaced by lust and greed. America was built on sacrifices and risks.Now it is torn apart by indulgences and one-upmanship.Once seductive seeds are sown, divisive tyranny rules because citizens lobby for favors. Public law has now become private justice."Selling out" must first stop by the rank & file.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Amen America has been brainwashed into a litigous society-(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Fellow American, June 2002

Amen to June 3rd's George Will's article on the extent America has become brainwashed into a litigous society.

According to Larry Klaymam, General Counsel of Judicial Watch,the "litigation tax" is 2.5% on every product purchased.The tort system itself costs every individual $1,200.00 annually.This tax adds $500.00 for every new car bought, increases vaccine costs by twenty times,and inflates the price of a pacemaker by $3,000.00. Lawsuits caused 36% of corporations to discontinue products, 15% to lay off workers,and 8% to close plants. 1.75 million people have lost manufacturing jobs in the last two years.

In twenty years, the number of U.S. manufacturers shrank by over half because of excessive, lottery-styled litigation. Is it any wonder why the executive branch cannot respond adequately to biological warfare threats?

The cost of the legal system is growing four times the rate of the economy. Worse still is the fear litigation creates and the damage this causes are much higher.

An executive order needs to be passed to end this ad hoc lawlessness. The original Constitution/Common Law process for remedying conflicts needs to be restored.

1. All cases of injury need to be criminally prosecuted only.If the victim sustains economic loss, then restitution for such amount should be quickly provided. Punishment should already be defined by written law.

2. The civil process' jurisdiction needs to be limited to contract disputes only.Damages sought have to be documented.

This crisis takes precedent to that of the Middle East.The President should put his personal vendetta and lobbyists' agendas aside and instead establish representative government's rule of law.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

John Edwards- Purveyor Of Asbestos-Litigation And Junk Science Greed

Dear Citizen, February 2004

As the political season has gotten into full-swing, Senator John Edwards and his campaign for
presidency is a stern threat to our liberties and the concept of limited government. He
is a prime and hypocritical example of a politician addicted to personal injury lawyer cash.

• 86% of money contributed to Edwards’ senatorial bid came from personal injury lawyers, including $6.15 million from Edwards himself.

• $4.9 million of the $7.4 million raised during 1st quarter 2003 for the Edwards’ presidential
campaign came from personal injury lawyers. That equals 66% of all contributions.

• Edwards created the New American Optimists PAC which has received more than $3.2 million,
at an average of $70,000 per contribution, from personal injury lawyers and their associates.
Personal injury lawyer contributions to NAO constituted 70% of total contributions.

• NAO re-invested money during 2002 in early caucus states. The PAC contributed $34,000
to local candidates in New Hampshire, $103,000 in cash to the Iowa Democratic party, and $27,500 to local Iowa candidates.

Personal injury lawyers are heavily involved in funding candidates who support the agenda of
stopping tort reform and finding new ways to sue. Since 1990, the Association of Trial Lawyers of
America has contributed an estimated $19.2 million to Democrats in federal elections. Money gained from large verdicts is then invested in the political process, ensuring that the floodgate of money continues to flow to politicians and creating an endless cycle of dependency on cash gained from litigation.

Silver-tongued Senator Edwards claims to fight for the "little man" and decries against special interest lobbyists.How can anyone believe this non-sensical, duplicitous (two-faced) promotion of class warfare through massive court welfare? He has earned,or really plundered, tens of millions on asbestos litigation alone through phoney junk science. This asbestos crisis has had a widespread and devastating effect on America's job and wealth creators. To date, personal injury attorneys representing asbestos-exposure victims have extracted $57 billion,resulting in the bankruptcy of 67 companies. Thousands of businesses that have a tangible connection to asbestos use have been bled dry by $200 billion.Thousands of companies have gone bankrupt and thousands more have issued layoffs.

This has decreased the standard of living for millions by creating unemployment, suppressing
wages,sending jobs to foreign soil,decreasing much needed investment, and augmenting the gigantic yet dysfunctional welfare state. Unions, manufacturers, insurers, many democrats and republicans have discussed rational solutions to the problem by trying to create a trust fund to fairly compensate truly sick victims for all economical loss.

John Edwards, though,has been eerily silent on fixing this mess because he does not want to alienate his personal injury lawyer comrades. He is the only democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee who has opposed and been absent on the debates regarding asbestos-litigation reform. He has not supported any common sense legal reform measure. Is this possibly due the fact just one law firm, out of so many, in New York contributed $34,250.00?

Let us not be so naive to think there are not reprisals to those who openly condemn the brute force of the ruling class' adhoc law which funds their extreme excesses. The many productive people who are compelled to work for "crumbs" and do not protest are already paying dearly. Americans should never cease trying to improve our system of governance. We are living
off the virtues of the previous generations. Lethargy, apathy, and complancency will seal our doom.

"The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance"-Ben Franklin.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

We Must Fight Judicial Cronyism First On The Local Level-Must Read

Dear Citizen, March 2004

Malfourd "Bo" Trumbo was onerously appointed Judge of the 25th Judicial Circuit in Covington, Virginia. Despite the fact he had never been a judge, he bypassed other judges of inferior courts to get the position he coveted. What if he had never been a state legislator, would he have then received the judgeship? Would State Senator Creigh Deeds have changed his endorsement? The answer is a resounding no. This clear-cut form of cronyism has set an ominous tone for the judicial activism that will continue to be maintained.

The worst aspect is the reasons why and how he was appointed are not readily available for the public to thoroughly review. When citizens have the right to privacy,Americans will have freedom and enlightment.When government possesses the privilege and authority to secrecy, Americans will have surrendered to forces of darkness.

The people in the Alleghany Highlands(Covington and Alleghany County,Virginia) need to focus less on conspiracy theories and more on common sense realities that constanly confront this community. Have we been just reduced to "sheeple", unable or unwilling to think for ourselves or take action? Before one makes waves around the world, one must first make a ripple at home.

Yet only very few will take action because we have evolved into a society that desires instant gratification. There will be no path to seek if one always seeks the path of least resistance. Simply because one individual may not make the difference does not mean one cannot make a difference. While no individual cannot do everything does not mean he or she cannot try to do something. Losing by forfeit is not an option.

Obviously no judge should be nominated and selected if that individual belongs to an organization comprising solely of judicial advocates. Those temptations are strong enough to turn a saint in a devil. The appointment of Trumbo takes that one step further. Our nation is already plagued with "judgeocracy". Too many have the "tin god" syndrome because, outside their circle of colleagues,they answer to no one. That is why the court system is issuing more gag orders, conducting more closed hearings,and encouraging secret plea bargaining sessions and out of court settlements.

The Republicans and Democrats are only complicit. While the Democrats favor tort lawyers and the Republicans lean towards contract attorneys, both parties are fronts for the bar associations and their PAC, Trilateral Commission, Council Of Foreign Relations,Federal Reserve and other NGO collaborators. As people look beyond the illusion, snare, and delusion, they will witness clearly the two parties are birds with the same feathers.Very few politicians have stated the complete oversight, overhaul, and restricting of government as their number one slated goal.

Bar association members do not want to submit themselves to controls because it disables them from controlling us. The People's problem is not government. It is the private organizations that control government.

Martial Law Flag "Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, §§1, 2, & 3; Executive Order 10834, August 21, 1959; 24 F.R.6865; a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. The President of the United States designates this deviation from the regular flag, by executive order, and in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the military. The placing of a fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled by statute, but are within the discretion of the President as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy." 34 Ops. Atty. Gen.83.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar,
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington ,Virginia 24426

Socialistic Solutions Are Not The Answer;Curbing Attorneys Is-(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Fellow American, August 2004

Socialistic solutions are not the answer to the growing gap between the "rich" and "poor".

The attrition of wealth due to loss of liberties is the primary reason for the widening gap between "rich" and "poor". The nexus between the public and private sector has plunged the productive middle class into an unbreakable vortex by eroding grassroots investments needed to revive the economies of Main Streets, the farmlands, and rural America. Economic strength is ultimately based on goods and services produced freely and not by Wall Street or government.

The remedy is simple.The unshakeable objective should be the complete removal of attorneys from public office. Same hands governance has enabled lawyers to maneuver themselves into positions of influence in the boards of nearly all institutions.

According to economist Stephen McGee, attorneys decrease the potential GNP by $2.25 trillion yearly, converting America's progressive meritocracy into an aristocratic hierarchy. The entrepreneurial spirit is crippled.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Converting "rape to riches"-The Kobe Bryant Matter

Dear Fellow American, August 2004

As hard working productive small business owners, productive professionals, and working people are anxious about "making ends meet", is it not good to know that the next new millionaire will be Kobe Bryant's accuser?

The accuser, whose name will not be revealed even though as an adult she alleged the star basketball player raped her, now wants to commit legal grand larceny to the tune of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. How is it possible a once proud and independent people have
given in to this constant barrage of shamelessness and indecencies? This woman has already received $17,000.00 from a compensation fund for alleging she is the victim of rape. Yet there seemingly is no end for this insatiable and addictive lust for money.

While a year after the asserted crime took place has almost expired, the criminal trial has yet to start. Since the prosecution has "outsourced" much of its work to the private law firm, it is needless to write that lawyers on all sides have enriched themselves far beyond what is
honest work for honest pay, pay that is relative to the earnings of the common American. Now this accuser's two lawyers(why does she need attorneys?) want her to sue for millions. Their motivation is pretty apparent. They and the prosecution want the criminal case to be dismissed. Apparently this young woman want this too, especially in lieu of the revelation that another man's bodily fluids were found on her undergarments after this alleged rape.

The prosecution claims it has not had enough time to present the case. Whatever happened to the Constitutional guarantee of a quick and speedy trial? It has been replaced by long set of mini-trials. Her attorneys state that since her name and other information was leaked that she would not receive a fair trial. Whatever happened to free speech, free press, and the ideal that all actions conducted by public institutions must be public record in a free and open society?

All this is arrant nonsense. When courts decide to conceal data from the public through censorship, for the sake of a "fair trial", this is a sign America has descended into dictatorship and into a Gomorrah state.These "doctored" cases by the bar association-monopolized judiciary is reminiscent not just of the Nazi and Stalinist show trials, but of the trumped-up trial itself that sentenced Jesus to his death. In regards to the Bryant matter or any other matter, there must be strict focus only on the specific action(s) that violated the law at the time it allegedly happened to prove the accused's guilt. Personal attacks, labeling, smearing, and entertaining irrelevant and prejudicial information should not be tolerated in courts of law. All should be treated alike regardless of status, reputation, history, and other innuendo.

If America had not succumbed to the tides of "legal terrorism", this rape case first would have come to its logical fruition a long time ago at a far lesser cost.Also the accuser would never contemplate suing for money and would instead be charged with obstruction of justice and possibly perjury if she refused to co-operate with the prosecution. Last but not least, the prosecutors and perhaps the judge would be personally held accountable for trying to convict an individual without obtaining and reviewing a sufficient amount of verifiable evidence.

While Kobe Bryant is getting the press, this extortion scheme happens frequently in all municipalities. Too many citizens are too eager to jump into the bandwagon. There may be at least two physicians in S.W. Virginia who have been sued for rape and then settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars.Yet since the details are generally sealed and the settlements were "out of court", it is cloaked in secrecy. If Bryant is indeed guilty of obviously raping anyone, he should not be allowed to bribe his way out of the conviction simply because he is wealthy.

America has been plunged by the ruling elite into moral degeneracy and decadence. No longer do people think in terms of right and wrong and with empathy of their fellow man. Instead, they choose to either thrive or survive in a dog-eat-dog atmosphere in which the object is to get what one can, while one can, and if one can. The legal profession' dictatorial control exemplifies and encourages this unacceptable mindset. When the absurd becomes commonplace,madness is never far away. This insanity and shortsightedness happens when the people have desensitized themselves from the logics of humanity. It is a race to a bottomless pit.

Perhaps that accuser, who suffered no financial loss, may not be so fortunate after all. Linda Tripp received $2.6 million in a judgment and in donations. Any guess as to where all that money went?

Mark these words.That young woman will do what Paula Jones did. She will pose just to pay the bills. Then the public will finally learn her name.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Please Consider The Following Before Voting-Must Read-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, October 30th, 2004

As millions of Americans go to the polls, it is of utmost hope candidates such as Michael Badnarik and J.J. Kennedy are given consideration.

For all those who insist on voting for the lesser of the two evils, please consider these differences.
1. George W. Bush at least pays lipservice to judicial restraint by calling for strict interpretation of the law. Kerry and Edwards feel court discretion is a must.

2. George W. Bush states he will push for tort reform by limiting non-economic damages and lawyer fees. Obviously Kerry and Edwards will not because they know where their bread is buttered.

3. George W. Bush, while he has done nothing to control unbridled illegal immigration, opposes amnesty. Senator Kerry supports amnesty.

4. The President will try to push through Congress the right for people 40 and younger to invest their own money to create their own pension plan if they desire. The Massachusetts senator will continue to implement social security taxes.

5. Senator Kerry will give more consideration to the unelected U.N. acting as one world government. The President has not and will not allow the U.N. to determine American policy.

6. George W. Bush will not support additional gun-restricting laws. John Kerry, on the other hand, will encourage extra taxation, regulation, licensing requirements, as well as litigation that punishes gun dealers and manufacturers.

Other than that, there is not a dime's worth of difference between the two. Both are huge recipients of corporate, lawyer, and other special interest money.Both are big government spenders. Both have allowed other international organizations such as GATT and WTO to unduely influence trade and tax policy. Neither will do anything about the enormously
complicated tax code that punishes productive people and investors.

All voters must remember that the President is somewhat limited in scope on the domestic agenda. He essentially is in charge of foreign policy. Both Bush and Cheney must be eventually held accountable for their misdeeds and also misinformation about 9/11. Unfortunately,
Kerry and Edwards will make the President's bad points even worse. If one thinks there is too much chaos and confusion now, wait until John Kerry occupies the White House. The Massuchusetts Senator has already planned to send as many as 25,000 lawyers to polls to really disrupt the election in places that are favorable to him. Of course the Republicans will reciprocate, and essentially America will again have attorneys, instead of voters, deciding the election.

In 2000, 25% of military absentee ballots will discounted because democratic lawyers felt they were not legitimate because they were not "post-marked". This is asinine and ludicrous. David Boies, chief democratic attorney, has already promised a "post-election phase" to decide the presidency.

Neither of the two candidates favor genuine verifiable and traceable elections with paper trail. Paper ballots are a must.

Another controversy is brewing, and again the average voter will not have the clarity, accuracy, and decisiveness he or she deserves.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Massive Election Fraud-Yet The Sheeple Want Bread & Circus-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, November 2004

In Warren County,Ohio, a rural district, the county building was locked down due to "homeland security". This prevented anyone from observing the vote count in November's election.

In Gahanna, Ohio, there was a discrepancy that gave 4000 votes to a presidential candidate. After media scrutiny, city officials admitted to an electronic "glitch" that caused this.

In Broward County,Florida,errors in software code caused a gambling referendum to be overturned. The error caused totals to count backwards after reaching a ceiling of 32,500 votes. While this problem existed in 2002,it was never rectified by the electronic voting machine manufacturer.

In one North Carolina district, 11,283 more votes than voters were logged. A regional race results were overturned. In another district, a machine lost 4,500 votes due to misunderstandings about memory capacity.

MSNBC's Keith Olberman claimed there were 90,000 more votes cast in Ohio than registered voters.

Unlike Europe, where citizens count the ballots, in the United States employees of a highly secretive company, ES&S, managed every aspect of the 2004 election. That included everything from registering voters, printing ballots and programming voting machines to tabulating votes and reporting the results, for 60 million voters in 47 states, according to Christopher Bollyn, writing in American Free Press.

Votes collected by electronic machines (and by optical scan equipment that reads traditional paper ballots) are sent via modem to a central tabulating computer, which counts the votes on Windows software. Therefore, anyone who knows how to operate an Excel spreadsheet and who is given access to the central tabulation machine can, in theory, change election totals.On a CNBC cable TV program, Black Box Voting exec Harris showed guest host Howard Dean how to alter vote totals within 90 seconds, by entering a two-digit code in a hidden program on Diebold's election software. Harris declared, "This is not a 'bug' or accidental oversight; it is there on purpose."

The common denominator in all national voting irregularities is no paper trail in many states. While exit polls matched results in states with paper trail, there was at least a five percent discrepancy in states with no paper trail. Not coincedentally, they have all favored one presidential candidate. A touch-screen ATM issues paper receipts. All business registers contain journal tape. Yet the very essence of democracy has no verification and traceability.

The "Sheeple" seem more concerned about bread and circus,such as "Desparate Houswives" and "Hokie Football". A grassroots body composed of non-attorneys needs to investigate this to determine levels of legitimacy. If the legal profession, currently agents of totalitarianism and absolute control, investigates this, the people will be confronted with a scenario comparable to the reported findings of the JFK Assassination and the Goldman/Simpson murders. There will never be a logical, timely, and cost-effective conclusion. It will just give lawyers an oppurtunity to fleece in as much as the Baathist party fleeced Iraq and they,along with Sheiks continue to loot many other Arab nations. It must be footnoted that Martha Stewart's lawyers received a minimum of 3.7 million dollars over a stock sale netting $40,000.00. The question is "What is the real crime and who are the real criminals?"

There comes a time where silence is betrayal-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Government, in order to serve the People, must operate in admiralty/maritime mode-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, September 2004

Written are just a few examples of how the political geniuses in Washington, D.C. have decided to spend taxpayer’s money in fiscal 2003.

$725,000.00 for the “Please Touch” Museum in Philadelphia.
$700,000.00 for the Silver Ring Thing Program in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.
$250,000.00 for National Preschool Anger Management Project in Iowa (Apparently to handle angry toddlers).
$50,000.00 for the Nevada Women’s Fund in Reno.
$500,000.00 for the International Coffee Organization.
$4,000,000.00 for the International Development Center in Alabama.

The list of wasteful abuses are endless. Edward McSweegan of the National Institutes of Health is getting paid $100,000.00 annually to do work he is not even aware that exists.This is not an exaggeration.

Unfortunately this litany of graft is commonplace as well at the state and local levels. When fat-cat bureaucrats are receiving two to five times more “compensation” than the average police officer, teacher, and NCO in combat, is it any wonder morale is at an all-time low? With this new “Homeland Security” program in effect, it has become a cash cow for lobbyists, attorneys, contractors, and colleges. All this will have the taxpayers’ foot the bill, and yet the borders are unprotected and immigration levels are at an all-time high.

Very few, other than the beneficiaries, will dispute the fact the bureaucracies need to be streamlined in size, scope, and makeup. However what most people need to realize that it is the legal profession’s exhibition of reckless, irresponsible, money-hungry and vigilante, unrestrained power-drunk behavior is what spawned such obscene expenditures and utter nonsense. This is a classic case of monkey see, monkey do. When it comes to such misappropriation of legal authority, the trickle-down theory is always in effect.

The solution to this misery is quite simple, other than removing lawyers from public office. All people who work for public institutions and all agents thereof must be placed under the principle of admiralty/maritime law. That is the only way to restore military-type discipline in government agencies and the only way the rights of private sector citizens will be deferred to appropriately. Bureaucracies, mainly in the executive branch, must be operated as a hierarchy. This means a clear chain of command must be established from the President to a border patrol custodian, and from the Governor to the high school cook. People want results, not excuses and dictates.

The American military is, despite political interfering, the strongest and most effective in the world. It is because of obedience to the superior’s application of the clear-cut rules. In an admiralty/maritime setting, as long as the superior does not flagrantly violate those rules, then his/her decision must be followedunless that individual’s superior deems otherwise.People who work in the public realm or receive public aid must realize they have no unalienable rights. The only right they have is protection from a crime that inflicts harm to their property or person. If they do not like the administration of the law and/or the administration of their superior, they can opt-out.

The ultimate superior are the voters. If the voters are not satisfied with the job of the elected official, the elected official and not the nameless bureaucrat will be the first to go. Obviously all decisions sanctioned by any public servant must be public record for the citizens to thoroughly monitor in a free and democratic society. The responsibility to redress any issue that concerns the general welfare belongs to the individual citizen.It must never be abandoned or abdicated no matter what excuse he or she may think he or she has.

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The current accounting and corporate scandals are the results of the overlawyerized legal system

Dear Citizen, August 2002

Government causes corporate scandals.Yet lawyer congresspeople and their followers in the media and bureaucracy are crying for more regulations for reform sake so they can obtain more revenue and power. The current accounting scandals have their origin in jibberish and numerous government rules.The corporate bankruptcies were not caused by how books were kept. The real scandal is SEC rules permitted the creative accounting which enabled companies to delay public recognition of losses for several quarters.Executives used this borrowed time to sell stock and award themselves bonuses.

New rules will contribute to future scandals.Previous reforms tied executive compensation to short-run stock price and SEC loopholed rules replaced accounting principles.They were designed (when the U.S. had a fifth of today's attorney numbers) to give accurate financial reports.It became later possible to comply with interpretive rules and still mislead investors through financial dissembling.

These are symptoms of a promiscuous legal system in which little is set in concrete.The root cause of this decay is the legal profession's unconstitutional control of government .The great irony is attorneys will receive huge sums hourly for focused time in bankruptcy proceedings, prosecutions,and subsequent mergers/acquistions and sell-offs due to the meltdown.Attorneys have received to date one billion dollars in "fees" for the bankruptcy of Enron. They have legally looted Enron more than all its crooked executives combined.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road

Guilt and Liability Are What The Court Believes Instead Of What Is Proven-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, February 2005

In the Michael Jackson molestation case, there is no hard physical evidence or reliable eyewitness testimony which proves he inflicted certain injuries to the alleged victims.

In the Mike Tyson rape trial in 1991, the notorious boxer was convicted on solely his
reputation and past actions. The supposed victim did not suffer any noticeable injury.

In the Martha Stewart matter, there was nothing in writing nor anything recorded which proved she was lying. She is now imprisoned based on one individual’s testimony.

In the Michael Skakel trial in 2002, he was convicted for a 1975 murder on just statements and absolutely no forensic evidence.

In the Laci Peterson murder, her husband Scott was found guilty on circumstantial evidence only. The jurors themselves admitted this.There were no eyewitnesses, no murder weapon, and not even a cause of death.

In the O.J. Simpson homicide trial a decade ago, the former football star was acquitted despite accurate DNA tests of blood, taken at the crime scene, matching his. No amount of contamination can alter DNA tests to match another individual’s DNA. Simpson had also apparently sustained a significant and fresh laceration on his hand, strongly indicating that his blood had been spilled due to strenuous activity.

The first common denominator is there are no standards and consistency.Hand-picked jurors are told by bar association members to decide the issue of guilt or liability based on what they personally believe instead of what is proven to them, based exclusively on the specific and tangible facts surrounding the controversial actions. In regards to Scott Peterson, one's sixth sense and gut instinct suggests he was involved in his wife’s and an unborn child’s death. However, according to the rules of the common law, those sentiments alone should not be sufficient to convict anyone of anything.

The second common denominator is too many cases tried in this era are marked by personal attacks, smear campaigns, prejudicial statements, and irrelevant conjecture. These tactics are only designed to label and brand.

The third common denominator is in the previously mentioned cases, attorneys have “made off like bandits”. They have seized tens of millions for themselves, which is far in excess of honest work and focused time for honest pay ($70.00 to $200.00 per hour).

The law is too important to be forsaken and ceded to a sociopathic elite. Precious democratic liberties are forsaken in the process. The sheer corruption and oppression of the iron triangle of lawyers, bureaucrats,and politicians can only be limited if the significant minority are not allowed to widely accept this. Individual rights are preserved only when individuals seek to protect the rights of their competitors, their opponents, and their enemies.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia

Black Robed Despots-(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen, December 8th, 2003

The bar associations and its collaborators,in order to advance their agenda of domination,would like to label complaints about the legal system as fundamentally unjust and as statements that come from a fringe element. However, it is the legal system itself,controlled by the demagogic legal profession, that is indeed the home of extremism,absolutism,&intolerance.

One small example is the unconscionable fee(nearly a million dollars) public defenders charged the Virginia taxpayers to represent murderer John Allen Muhammed in the preliminary hearings.Yet when Muhammed, obviously guilty based on forensic evidence,tries to exercise his 1st Amendment Right to present his claim, he is disparaged as mentally irregular,foolish,and arrogant for his "attempt to play lawyer".

With judges now making law, the American republic is being torn apart and democratic institutions are being pushed into extinction. The judiciary has now decided that the reference to God in the pledge of allegiance, that Floridian parental notification about minors' abortion, that the passed referendum calling for the increase of legislature votes needed to raise Nevadan taxes, that Michigan laws treating students(regardless of race) the same, that laws prohibiting same-sex marriages, are all unconstitutional. These are just a few examples of the lunacy Americans experience.

Do the other branches check the unlimited powers of the judicial oligarchy? Of course not simply because they are manned by the same people. The new repressive theocracy, the legal profession, have converted lawmakers into lawbreakers and America's democracy into their kleptocracy. This permeation will polarize our nation into the co-operative exploiters and the voiceless exploited. Irrespective of who wins or loses, the ruling class will have its mandates and pound of flesh. The people, no longer answered to by its own government, are now compelled to anwer to the capricious decrees of these black robed despots.

The notion the court has the final say on the meaning of the law and Constitution is nowhere to be found in the thoughts of the Framers or the text of the Founding document. Despite Federalist 78, the Declaration Of Independence, the Constitution itself, and pure common sense, the bar has arrogated such extreme powers to the courts. The Framers limited the courts just as they did with the other two branches. Congress,under the Constitution's "exceptions clause" in Article III, Section 2, and also in Federalist 8, can put specific matters beyond the reach of grasping judges. Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Lincoln, in the Dred Scott case, refused to carry out the courts' decision. Lincoln cited people would cease to rule themselves and would resign their government into the hands of judges.

Now judges are trying to internationlize our law, which threatens American independence at its core. The fiction of judicial supremacy, often cloaked as the high-minded though self-serving assertion of "judicial independence," caters to rogue behavior. This is not compatible in a progressive and merit-based society. It will make jurists into demigods with celebrity status and will turn simple court cases into drama and entertainment for the masses.

It must be remembered it was a jury(mob), manipulated by the "lawyers"(clerics), that exonerated a murderer of one man and instead had a certain individual executed because the jurors were convinced his heresy, sedition, and radicalism threatened their entire survival. That individual's name was Jesus. While judgement came from his peers, does that mean it was right? Apparently society in the 21st century has not grasped that particular history lesson.

Either Americans purge this tyranny or this tyranny will purge America.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws"
- Tacitus

Since The Biggest Crimes Are Committed By Attorneys

Dear Fellow American,

I am not anti-lawyer. I am just pro-liberty.

Harsha Sankar

From: "A Voice for Children"
From: "W W (Bill) Fayette"

Since the BIGGEST CRIMES in the world are committed IN the courtrooms by lawyers and lawyer-judges AGAINST the people in unconstitutionalcourts, we, the people, must protect ourselves where we need the mostprotection, in the courtrooms, FROM the lawyers and lawyer-judges.

The courts are always ruling AGAINST the people, as the lawyers andtheir bar associations, which are affiliated with each otherINTERNATIONALLY, have joined in an INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES FROM WITHIN (TREASON). They already have taken over the courts and thegovernment, and ALL political parties, where they all take orders from ONE FRONT OFFICE, the offices of the internationally affiliated bar associations, making a ONE PARTY "SYSTEM," the BAR ASSOCIATION PARTY.

This necessitated an URGENT need to form a 2nd political party, the ANTI-LAWYER PARTY, where all lawyers and those who attended law school are barred from this 2nd party (ALP).

All the states have unconstitutional aristocratic courts, as their constitutions and/or unconstitutional "lawyer systems" require judges to be lawyers, creating a RULING CLASS, which is FORBIDDEN by Art.IV, Sec. 4, of the U.S. Constitution, "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a REPUBLICAN FORM of government," any other form of government is FORBIDDEN. No public office or branch of government can be limited to a RULING CLASS of any kind, or the states become ARISTOCRACIES and NOT republics. Also, the lawyers have made ONLY themselves 1 st class citizens, where all public offices and all three branches of government are open to lawyers only. All other people are limited to only 2 branches of government and to only certain offices in those 2 branches of government, BECAUSE ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE NON-LAWYERS HAVE BEEN UNCONSTITUTIONALLY DEGRADED, BY THE LAWYERS, TO THE STATUS OF 2NDCLASS CITIZENS.

When the courts belong to the people, as the U. S. Constitution REQUIRES (Art. IV, Sec. 4), we, the people, will NEVER EVER rule against ourselves.In these unconstitutional courts (hoodlum centers), "men" in black dresses, wearing unconstitutional ROBES OF NOBILITY (Art. 1, Secs. 9 and 16), with a lot of hanky-panky and hocus-pocus, dispense a perverted IDIOTology where the people are terrorized by terrorists(lawyers and lawyer-judges) in the courts.

The judicial branch of government does NOT have the constitutional power to issue court orders or any other kind of orders.

ONLY presidents and governors have the constitutional power to grant PARDONS, but lawyers and lawyer-judges are unconstitutionally granting PARDONS with "immunity from prosecution."

Citizens are not permitted to act like people in the courts. The citizen (2nd class) is told that he does not know how to fill out fancy lawyer forms; that he is not trained in the law: that he does not know court rules and procedures: etc. This is unconstitutional (1st Amend.), as it denies the citizen access to the courts, which are supposed to belong to the people. Instead, all "our" courts are owned by lawyers (traitors) internationally.

In court, lawyers cue the lawyer-judges with certain words and phrases, directing and signaling the type of fix to take place. The most extreme inhuman punishment is inflicted on a victim when a lawyer " signals" the lawyer-judge that the victim has extreme disrespect for the legal profession and the judiciary, or that the victim will not "cooperate.'' All cases are fixed with these and other cues and signals, which have nothing to do with the law or the U. S. Constitution.Under this unconstitutional "lawyer system," only HEARSAY SUBSTITUTES (lawyers), NOT under oath, have access to the courts, even though ONLY sworn testimony and evidence can be presented in court.,anything else is a Bill of Attainder, NOT permitted under the U. S. Constitution (Art. 1, Secs. 9 & 10).

The U. S. Constitution does NOT give anyone the right to a lawyer, or the right to counsel, or the right to any other HEARSAY SUBSTITUTE.The 6th Amendment is very SPECIFIC, that the accused ONLY has the right to the ASSISTANCE of counsel and this ASSISTANCE of counsel can be anyone the accused chooses WITHOUT limitation. NEITHER THE WORDS LAWYER NOR THE ATTORNEY APPEAR ANYWHERE IN THE U. S. CONSTITUTION.

Lawyers and lawyer-judges created unconstitutional "lawyer system" pre-trial *'Motions" and "Hearings" to have eternal EXTORTIONISTIC litigation, which is BARRATRY and is also in violation of the U.S. Constitution, as this places defendants in DOUBLE JEOPARDY a hundred times over. Defendants only have a right to A TRIAL, NOT TRIALS. The multitude of pre-trials are actually pre-trials for the pre-trials and pre-trials for the pre-pre-trials, benefiting the lawyers only. These pre-trials and post-trials too, started with the TAKE-OVER of the courts by the INTERNATIONALLY affiliated bar associations, in a CONSPIRACY; before this, defendants only had a trial, NOT TRIALS.

When a criminal is freed on a "TECHNICALITY," he is freed because of a FIX and a PAY-OFF, as a defendant can only be freed if found NOT GUILTY BY A JURY, NOT BY ANY---TECHNICALITY. Whenever a lawyer is involved in a case directly or indirectly, as a litigant or assisting in counsel, ALL lawyer-judges have to disqualify themselves, as there cannot be a constitutional trial and there also would be a violation of the conflict of interest laws, along with the violation of separation of powers and checks and balances, because ''Officers of the Court" are on both sides of the BENCH. These same LAWYER-judges are awarding or approving LAWYER FEES, directly and indirectly, amounting to BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY,all in violation of the conflict of interest laws.Since crime and treason is against the law, and the lawyer profession is a crooked profession, a LEGAL BOUNTY should be placed on ALL LAWYERS (betrayers) and all those who are aiding and abetting these traitors. the lawyers.

As long as there are lawyers. there will never ever be any law, constitution, or justice, There will only be MOB RULE, RULE BY A MOB OF LAWYERS (TRAITORS).CASE "LAW" is unconstitutional, as CASE "LAW" IS ENACTED BY THE JUDICIAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. ONLY THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT HAS THE CONSTITUTIONAL POWER TO ENACT LAWS.When a lawyer-judge instructs, directs, or gives orders to a jury, the lawyer-judge is TAMPERING WITH THE JURY. He also tampers with testimony, when he orders the answers to be either "yes" or "no". The lawyer-judge also tampers, fixes. and rigs the trial when he orders anything stricken from the record, or when he "rules" certain evidence and the truth to be inadmissible. This makes the trial and transcripts FIXED and RIGGED, because the jury does not hear the REAL TRUTH and ALL THE FACTS. Juries are made into puppets by the lawyers and lawyer-judges.

All lawyers are automatically in the judicial branch Of government,as they have the unconstitutional TITLE OF NOBILITY (Art. 1, Secs. 9 and 10). "Officer of the Court," Citizens have to be elected or hired to be in any branch. But non-lawyer citizens are limited to only 2 of the 3 branches of government. Lawyers, as 1st class citizens. can be hired or elected to any of the 3 branches of government. All lawyers, being "Officers of the Court" in the Judicial Branch, are unconstitutionally in 2 branches of government AT THE SAME TIME whenever they are hired or elected to either the executive or the legislative branches: this is in violation of the separation of powers checks and balances. and the conflict of interest laws.

The 6th Amendment states, ''the accused shall enjoy the right to a SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL." Yet, lawyer- judges have lawyers (HEARSAY SUBSTITUTES) approach the bench and talk in whispers, meet in the judge's chambers, talk in SECRET, send the jury OUT of the courtroom, etc. Also lawyer-judges order the litigants, witnesses, lawyers, news media, etc. from discussing the trial, making the trial an unconstitutional SECRET TRIAL, NOT A PUBLIC TRIAL.

No one can be sentenced to prison unless convicted of a crime BY A JURY (THE PEOPLE). ONLY the people (THE JURY) have the POWER to decide the guilt or innocence of the accused as Art. III, Sec. 2, Cl. 3, of the U.S. Constitution states, "THE TRIAL OF ALL CRIMES, except in cases of impeachment, SHALL BE BY JURY." Since this is a CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT, a trial by jury cannot be "waived," as ONLY A JURY, under the U.S. Constitution, HAS THE POWER TO DECIDE THE GUILT OR INNOCENCE OF THE ACCUSED.,The 6th Amendment REAFFIRMS the CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT OF A TRIAL BY JURY ONLY, "In ALL criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial JURY of thestate and district wherein the crime shall have been committed."In a REPUBLIC, NOTHING is above the 'PEOPLE and the PEOPLE make the decisions. NOT A RULING CLASS. That is why a jury's verdict cannot be reversed by any government official, such as a lawyer-judge or anyone else. If a lawyer-judge or lawyer-judges can reverse a jury's verdict, then, that would place them above the people, making "our" government an ARISTOCRACY and NOT a REPUBLIC. A jury (the PEOPLE) can even veto stupid and unjust legislation, by finding victims of stupid and unjust laws, passed by the lawyers in the legislatures, innocent,even though they pleaded guilty. THE PEOPLE IN A REPUBLIC ARE SOVEREIGN.

In CONTEMPT OF COURT, there is NO Due Process of Law, NO Arrest,NO Rights Read,NO Bail,NO Habeas Corpus,NO Prosecutor,NO Jury, AND NO Trial - Yet, persons held in CONTEMPT OF COURT, are LYNCHED by a DESPOT a lawyer-judge, who does: the Accusing, the Prosecuting, the Convicting, and the Sentencing, ALL WITHOUT A TRIAL - Just the LYNCHING ALL THIS IS A BILL OF ATTAINDER (Art. 1. Secs. 9 and 10) Lawyer-judges have been releasing from prison, criminals who have raped and murdered little children because their "rights- were not read to them. But, contempt of court LYNCH VICTIMS, never having had their "rights" read to them, must remain in prison.The lawyer-judges ORDER law enforcement officers, who also are sworn to support the U. S. Constitution, to imprison contempt of court
LYNCH VICTIMS and to be part of a LYNCH MOB. Law enforcement officers should REFUSE to obey these DESPOTIC ILLEGAL ORDERS to imprison contempt of court LYNCH VICTIMS and refuse to be a part of a LYNCH MOB. No one has to obey an illegal order. Everybody has a duty to disobey an illegal order.Under the UNCONSTITUTIONAL DESPOTIC "LAWYER SYSTEM" we have now, a COURT ORDER could be issued declaring that anyone who violates a law of any kind would be in violation of a COURT ORDER and BE HELD IN CONTEMPT OF COURT (LYNCHED).

When a victim, in a courtroom, tries to bring out the truth or to exercise a constitutional right. the lawyer-judge will call it an ''OUTBURST" and LYNCH THE VICTIM with contempt of court, then practice medicine without a license by ordering the victim to undergo psychiatric examinations.The U. S. Constitution being the supreme fundamental law, is not and CANNOT be ambiguous as to be interpreted, or it would be a worthless piece of paper and we would have millions of interpretations (unconstitutional amendments). That is why all judges and public officials are SWORN TO SUPPORT the U.S. Constitution, NOT to interpret it. Imagine, hypothetically, how stupid it would be if any constitution stated, "that the judicial branch of government has the power to interpret this constitution."An OUTRAGEOUS amount of TAX MONEY is directly and indirectly STOLEN BY THE LAWYERS. Money that is budgeted to County Boards, School Boards and other local and federal agencies eventually finds its way into the pockets of lawyers, as ALL of these agencies are "TRICKED"and "FORCED" into ETERNAL EXTORTIONISTIC LITIGATION. Organized crime never ever existed, until the bar associations took over the courts and the government. Now crime is organized internationally, just as the bar associations are organized, where some of their international affiliations include: International Judicial Association, International Trial Lawyers Association, World Peace Through Law Center, World Assembly of Judges, etal[. This means that the bar associations are not only the INTERNATIONAL CRIME SYNDICATE, but also the INTERNATIONAL WORLD GOVERNMENT and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST PARTY.

Under INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, ALL LAWYERS, whether they left law school yesterday or 50 years ago, are EXACTLY THE SAME. All lawyers have to file the same motions and follow the same procedures in using the same unconstitutional "lawyer' system" of hanky-panky and hocus-pocus, and to DESTROY THE UNITED' STATES FROM WITHIN by always ruling AGAINST THE PEOPLE. ALL LAWYERS AND LAWYER-JUDGES ARE GUILTY OF TREASON. District Attorneys and State's Attorneys have TAKEN OVER the grand juries FROM the people, where the people are DENIED ACCESS to the grand juries when they attempt to present evidence of crimes committed in the courtrooms by the lawyers and lawyer-judges.


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ANTI-LAWYER PARTY Kenosha Co., WI Chap. 6308 -
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