Friday, May 01, 2009

To Save Healthcare,Put Infiltrators Back On Trojan Horse-No Attorneys in Office! -By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, April 2009

HALF of America's primary care doctors may disappear for the following reasons
in just three to six years.

1. Too much non-clinical paperwork
2. Difficulty getting reimbursed
3. Too much government regulation
4. Lack of time (caused by the above problems) to form patient relationships
5. Fear of litigation and other attorney interference Yet lawyer-politicians want
to turn our entire healthcare system into one giant HMO, through new regulations
such as
a. Universal electronic medical records that can be accessed easily.
b. Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) that will be used to determine which treatments you can and cannot receive.

America already has socialist health care where nearly half of all care is already funded with
tax dollars.Prices for treatment are set by what the government is willing to pay in many cases. In other cases, payment by private insurance and HMO concerns indicate one thing.

THERE ARE PRESENTLY NO FREE MARKET PRICES OR PRACTICES IN MEDICINE,PERIOD. The US health care system, which is failing over 50 million people completely, that is the leading cause of bankruptcy, that is making US companies non-competitive, that promotes family break-ups, that exposes the vulnerable to unnecessary medical harm, and that sucks up over 18 percent of GDP while producing life expectancy and infant mortality figures that make some Third World countries look good.

Obviously the tort system generates much of the malaise. However, what is not visible is how ruling class controls all aspects of medical care from cradle to grave. The corporatocracy, sprung by attorney-lobbyist reign, have totally altered how prospective medical doctors are taught,trained, and licensed. Too often too many healthcare providers have become too autocratic in pushing chemical-based treatments when perhaps natural healing solutions were in order. A prime example is cancer treatment.

What group inspires the lack of meritorious discussion,innovation, and competitiveness? The attorney profession of course. Their illegal participation in the legislative,executive,and on the bench have allowed them to infiltrate all layers of people's lives. This has enabled this privately controlled and internationally affiliated group to transform America's Constitutional Republic
into their private fiefdom. If anyone questions the repressive control by the predatory elite, just glance at the outrageous legal fees. In a court case in Colorado, a plaintiff received one dollar. Attorneys received hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One would think that Americans would explode,lock and load when they see the
symptoms of tyranny taking over liberties. Too many citizens are at the brink. Hopefully
they will draw this conclusion. Put the infiltrators back on the trojan horse. No attorneys
in office!!

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
Covington, Virginia

If Power Brokers Are At The Helm, Freedom And Prosperity Will Be Lost(A Harsha Sankar Article)

Dear Citizen,
January 2009

Open societies flourish because they are driven by intelligence
and information. The current legal system creates an enclave
of idiotic whimsy. At a time when Americans worry about
the decline in science and business, it is insane to sink companies
in order to line the pockets of unscrupulous attorneys.

Yet that is what is going on now. The Senate is expected to vote
on two bills that would allow workers to sue over discrimination
that allegedly happened as long as twenty years prior for
unlimited money damages, even without proof of intent.

At a time when unemployment, underemployment and improper
employment are at historic levels, these bills would expose large
and small companies to vast liabilities extending back decades.
What the economy needs now are more new business start–ups
and more hiring of workers by existing businesses. That will not
happen if bills such as these become law. The stimulation of
litigation will only signify further exodus of jobs out of the United States.

The financial problems in America is only going to get worse.
While already $350 billion has gone into the black hole of
corruption by banking executives, millions of citizens have already
lost their savings, jobs, homes, and healthcare access. Prices
are on the rise. The mortgage and financial market meltdowns
have sacrificed many at the altar of New World Order elitism.
Thousands are building “Tent Cities” and are living in cars,
RV’s, and garages throughout the nation. Entire families are
sheltering in tents with their entire possessions. There is often
no primary electricity, no plumbing, and no drainage.

Dissatisfaction is growing. America’s once mighty industrial
base is withering away. Are job riots coming to America? 250
workers at a Chicago plant stayed inside in protest. A
similar protest occurred in August at St. Louis by Chrysler
workers. There is one startling fact. According to Newsmax Magazine,
for every one engineer that is being produced by American colleges,
ten lawyers are being trained. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics,
America will have 160,000 less engineers in 2016 than now if current trends

To meet the shortfall, America will import the technical
workforce from foreign lands. However, can they be trusted to
preserve America’s identity and heritage? They come from
countries that never valued individual liberty. So they will
view “strong governance” as a blessing rather than as enslavement.
It is the unfortunate dependence on unbridled immigration
that will permanently alter American governance.

Many people have a vague awareness that something significantly
is wrong in our nation but cannot quite put their finger on it. Even
if people know what is wrong, they do not know what to do about it.
That is why it is important for all to understand this one concept.

As long as power brokers are at the helm of any society, freedom and
prosperity will be lost.

Fear only can prevail when victims are ignorant of the facts.
– Thomas Jefferson

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Americans Must Remove Blindfolds To Unmask Tyranny-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, March 2009


USA is going the way of the USSR. What does one really expect? BAR rule have annihilated people's rights for years with such open abandon,so it any wonder that CommuNazi Barack Obama socialist's agenda just waltzes through?

Barack Obama has no respect for the U.S.Constitution or rule of law.

1. His attorneys have been paid over a $million to keep his vaulted birth certificate secret. An individual has to be born in the U.S.or U.S. territory in order to serve as President.

2. He appointed an active Senator to a cabinet-level position. That clearly is prohibited.

3. He wants to hijack the census. He wants his chief of staff to have discretionary handling of the census,directly violating Constitutional restraints.

His predecessors had very little regard either. However, Bush and Bill Clinton were duds who may not have been capable of directly inflicting so much harm.

Obama is capable. The soil is fertile for his poisonous acceleration of the police state that was inaugurated in previous decades. Obama is polite and genial. He has the ability to administrate with authority and discipline without patronizing or isolating people.

Obama is a taskmaster who maintains focus on both the details and aspiring larger picture.

He is a devout family man. He always has projected a good image as he is restrained in his emotions. He displays neither haughtiness nor one-upmanship openly. One will not see him involved in childish status-posturing as he maintains a professional demeanor.

Yet this is the man who will establish aristocratic permanence to American society.There is no doubt that the government and economy is ailing. Yet his Rx will bury freedoms forever. Obama's policies may or may not eventually bring the peace and artificial prosperity. However, something will left at the door, and that is liberty. People will no longer be free to act without first considering social responsibility.

Obama's persona is charismatic and brims with self-confidence. His speeches are hypnotic. Yet his policies are demonic. Any and all remnants of free enterprise will be eradicated. The corporate/government/non-profit sectors will take over.

Leave alone the 1.5 trillion in new taxes he proposes or the 2 trillion in bail-out money he plans to spend on 9000 pork barell projects. For anyone to think that the only way to assist the ailing economy is to transfer trillions more to bureaucrats, bankers, lawyers, and politicians is really a sick joke.

Leave alone the fact Obama wants to terrorize the healthcare profession even further by opening an avalanche of lawsuits under the HIPAA act. After all, the forefront and cornerstone of tyranny and terror is judicial activism.

Green Job Corps will demand “50 hours of community service a year” for junior high and high school students — and “100 hours per year” for college students. Obama will thus bring our American youth under complete state control. Following this “gradualism", Obama plans a paramilitary youth program dubbed The Americorps in which youth from ages 14 to 24 “defend America”as an adjunct to the US military.

That's right. Obama wants a civilian national security workforce that is a million strong to "Keep America Safe". Obama does not have only self-seeking,opportunistic, and lukewarm supporters. He has followers who enthusiastically share his "socialistic" vision and agenda and believe in his strong leadership. They are relatively young, academically inclined, and rabid. Since many of them do not know what America used to be, they will not mind oppressing those whose refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of Obama's agenda.

Shades of another era. Try Germany,1933. It is not unusual for the same group to create the problem so they can eventually fix the problem.As America enter a new era of impoverishment and dispossession engineered by the international bankers and the legal profession, these elite and their minions have the audacity to call for national service. They do this to inculcate the dumbed down masses into a belief that serving them is a highly regarded American attribute.

We American citizens must first remove our blindfolds to unmask the face of
tyranny: NWO BAR parasitism by same-hands governance.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
Covington, Virginia 24426