Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Common Law Tribunals Are Needed To Try Many Bar Association Members-A Harsha Sankar Article

Dear Citizen, December 2004

With the new Intelligence Reform legislation, which includes the onerous Patriot Act II, on the verge of becoming law, when will Americans start to engage in massive civil disobedience?

This 3000 page act, hardly read by any congressional member, is just another set of vague and contradictory laws that will only deprive more of the People's and individual's rights. It only strengthens the grip the bar associations currently have, as all FBI agents have to have a "degree" from a bar association accredited trade school. This requirement is nothing more than a protection racket for the incumbency, as it restricts people who have the capability, but not the approved certification, from protecting America from our true enemies, foreign and domestic.

Law schools today are no different than the specialized centers that trained Communists worldwide in the 20th century or the madrassas that train the clergy for the Islamic theocracies. Law and its due process are not taught. Rather the "Color of law" and unconstitutional regulations,ex post facto laws, court cases,bills of attainder, and court rules and procedures are taught. In simpler terms, the law is made as they go along and these complications are simply window dressing to falsely impress and disenfranchise the People, collectively and individually. They hide behind the camouflage of complexities to confuse,control, and conquer.

While this bill was being voted on, lawyers received 125 million dollars($125,000,000.00)in deciding whether or not the WTC bombings was one or two attacks. This fee-gouging,while now common place, is beyond unreasonable or obscene. They are High Crimes and High Treason.

It is time genuine Common Law tribunals are established to review the following crimes by the bar associations and most importantly, its opportunistic collaborators.

1. Conspiracy to create a totalitarian state.
2. Conspiracy to commit Aggression against the Organic Rights of the People as outlined in the Preamble of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
3. The Commission of such Aggression.
4. The Commission to defraud the citizenry of the true nature of their governance, its status and theirs, either directly or through lack of disclosure.
5. Misconduct in the Application of Law and in the Protection Of Inalienable Rights.
6. The Ratification of Agreements with Foreign and other Private Agents(i.e. the 1947 ABA/U.N.agreement) that Undermine and Subvert the People's and their State's Sovereignty.
7. Conspiracy to Extort and Plunder Money and Property through Kidnapping, or threat thereof, and other Illicit Means.
8. The Commission of such Acts.
9. Crimes Against The People.
10. Crimes Against Humanity.

Charity towards all and malice towards none only begins when amends and reparations are made. The American People do not want a totally new government. They just seek an improved version, for the sake of a forming a more perfect union, of the original form of their Constitutional Republic.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

The Terri Schiavo Murder-How Bar Association Rule Has De-humanized America

Dear Citizen, March 2005

As the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 was passed, does anyone believe a dent will be made in the sheer corruption provided there is still a bar association monopoly?

In the class action lawsuit against Toshiba, lawyers received $147.5 million. All except two plaintiffs received gift certificates. In the Richard Burrows National D-Day Memorial matter in Roanoke, Virginia, lawyers probably received $500 thousand. Yet millions still remain unaccounted for. Robert Blake's attorneys received $10 million to prove he did not fire the gun in the fatal shooting of his wife. Of course the fact he had no residue on his hands proved that.

Nine judges have decided the issues of abortion, mandatory sentencing, and the juvenile death penalty for all Americans.

However, this all takes a back seat to the societal implications surrounding Terri Schiavo. A tin-God judge has now ordered her death. This is the first time a bar association judge has committed homicide against an individual not convicted of committing a crime. If lines are not drawn in the sand now and the gauntlet is not thrown against the feet of terror, there may be no recourse in the future for our liberties as American citizens.

Terri Schiavo's husband is her guardian. He does not have the right to have her starved to death in as much as parents for that matter do not possess that right. Michael Schiavo has spent an outrageous half a million dollars in attorneys' fees to have his wife die. That money could have been used for her rehabilitation. Terri has brain-damage and is therefore an invalid. She is not brain-dead and she does not have a terminal illness. While she is incapable of taking care of herself, she is conscious and is not on life support.

Judge George Greer has been allegedly involved in fraud against Medicare by sending her to a hospice despite the fact she was never dying. He is riddled in conflicts of interests, as he also guardian ad litum of Terri. At least three nurses have signed sworn affidavits that Terri has been mistreated and neglected as a patient, particularly by her husband. Terri's parents have long sought guardianship and have repeatedly been denied. Yet the mainstream media, owned by only five companies, rationalizes this legal activism.

If Terri Schiavo dies because of the judicial decree, the judge, the court clerk, the police chief, and all other involved officers should be prosecuted for their crimes. This is not even euthanasia. This is pre-meditated murder. All branches of government have the responsibility to enforce the law and to protect life. All must cast the legalese jargon and the miserable, chaotic procedures aside to prevent state-sponsored murder and honor life. There simply is not time for all this feudalistic and petty wrangling.

If the judiciary is not demonopolized now from special interest control, people who are retarded or are disabled will be next on the chopping block. Even Nazi Germany stopped its mercy-killing program after strong objections from the churches. The question now is "Where is the protest now?"

Bar Associations totalitarianism has dehumanized America. Did anyone really think their appetite for control ,in the name of justice, would stop with petty plunder? Tyranny knows no bounds and it cannot be appeased. The addiction to money and power cannot be satisfied with reason or logic. Massive non-co-operation with the oppressors and sound denunciation of its collaborators is a sacred duty.

Harsha Sankar
Covington, Virginia 24426

No One Should Whitewash The Cancerous Legal Profession-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, September 2004

No one should whitewash the cancerous legal profession.The huge legal fees represent neither the protection of individual rights nor the advancement of social justice.It is conspiratorial imperialism in the simplest form.

Lawyers do not cater to people's voluntary needs.Instead they command their fees through force of law.Anyone's comparison of wealthy trial lawyers to business moguls is just inconceivable. No one has ever forced anyone to purchase products from Walt Disney's company. Yet our justice for ransom system,characterized by renegade vigilantism and nihilism,is testament to obvious conflicts of interest and to incestuous relationships,especially with judges awarding other attorneys with extreme wealth. The judicial branch should never be for sale and people's rights should never be marketable and mutable at will.

While insurance companies compete against each other ,lawyers generate revenue for each other when every controversy or transaction takes place. Certainly law needs to be passed prohibiting corporations from campaign participation. However,nothing justifies this state sanctioned plunder costing small businesses on average $150,000.00 each yearly.

Government is not eloquence. Government is force
-George Washington

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Ten Steps To Freedom-By Harsha Sankar

Subject: Ten Steps To Freedom-By Harsha Sankar

Most Americans are growing extremely weary of the malgovernance,ineptitude,and legalized corruption perpetuated by the legal profession,bureaucracy, & lobbyists.However,only a few are focused on the core problems causing this sickness.Too many patriotic Americans concentrate on treating particular symptoms rather than curing the disease.If the patient has AIDS, he/she does not need to be treated for sores only.When the fascists,monarchs,& communists ruled nations,the people had to make the removal of its system of governance their number one priority.Yet the whole nation is immersed in a maze of issues,however important, without addressing these basic matters simply because everything has been unnecessarily complicated.

Listed are probable solutions.

1. America needs verifiable and traceable elections which are tabulated on a grassroots level. Paper ballots should be used.Preferably,the secret ballot process should be abolished.

2. The United States is not an unbridled democracy.Practicing judicial advocates should not serve in legislative and executive branches due to obvious conflict of interest. It is highly unconstitutional because it flagrantly violates the Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances concepts.

3. Non-attorneys should be eligible for judgeship at the state and local level. Judges and prosecutors should banned from belonging to private organizations,comprising solely of advocates,in which its purpose will obviously be the advancement of its agenda.

4.All bar associations should be stripped of their authority to license counsel. No permission from a private organization should be necessary for a truly private sector citizen to assist another citizen in any manner on any legal matter. Judicial advocate organizations should be excluded from the judge-selection process.

5. All regulatory agencies should be abolished and all regulations repealed.Only lawmakers or the people through direct referendum should regulate society with laws. Laws should be written in plain english and it should not be exclusively written by judicial advocates in "legalese". All enforcement of laws should be borne by state and local police.The only exception should be issues involving vital national security interests which includes espionage.

6.All contributors and contributions to political campaigns should be made public record.Only American citizens should be allowed to contribute. While reasonable limits can be placed on direct contributions, any other restrictions would be a blatant infringement on an individual's First Amendment Right.

7.Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and abolish the Federal Reserve. The printing and coining of currency should be the sole responsibility of an U.S. government agency, the U.S. Treasury.

8.Allow the military to manage the military. Civilian legislators and the Commander-In-Chief should only decide when to use the military and how much funds it should receive.

9.America must protect its sovereignty by restricting the role of the U.N. as a meeting place for all nations to voice their opinions. All taxpayer funding of the IMF & World Bank must be stopped. If government wishes to contribute foreign aid and loans, it must do so on an ad hoc basis. No member of the three branches of government can belong to any private organization that is foreign based five years before and five years after public service.

10.The United States Constitution must be reinstated as the supreme law of the land. Portions of the 14th Amendment must be repealed along with subsequent legislation,executive orders, and court decisions which reaffirm the gold-fringe flag in all government(including the courts).

The threat of instant bankruptcy and poverty due to outrageous healthcare,education, and legal costs will erode civility/trust and has promoted panic and social tensions. As more people are working two jobs and longer hours just to make ends meet, the ability to earn an honest productive living will decrease significantly. This has already adversely affected the family structure. With recession, joblessness,and even war looming on the horizon, it is imperative these proposals are implemented.

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426