Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Bizarre Story Of An Austrian- By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen,                            May 2008 

Written is a bizarre story of an Austrian.

His father's birth name was Shicklgruber. His mother was a housekeeper. Orphaned at nineteen, this young man was rejected by the Vienna School of the Arts three times due to lack of a diploma. For the next five years he slept in shelters. At age twenty-four he left for Germany. For two years he worked as a street corner water colorist, painter,and sculptor.

He joined the Bavarian Infantry Unit as the First World War broke out. However, despite the huge demand for NCO's in the Kaiser's Army, he was only promoted to lance corporal. He blamed his Jewish superior.

After the European Dynasties ended, the Man of Destiny would begin.Newly appointed as spy, he infiltrated Communist meetings 
and also meetings conducted by those who were bitter about the Versailles Treaty. He also learned about Eastern traditions from another group. He quit eating meat, believing killing of animals was wrong.

Discharged from the military, he joined these organizations. He was initially respected for his verbal skills,his historic knowledge, and 
zeal. While interest to "avenge" Germany's defeat waned, he consolidated the two groups into one party.

His anti-semitism took firm root. Many Germans blamed Zionist international financial capitalists for their vanquish.
Two years later his party tried to overthrow the Bavarian state government. During his prison time,the maid's son wrote a book which became, next to The Holy Bible, the
world's best-seller. It served as a warning to all humanity.

After seven years of endless campaigning, his party received 2.8  percent of the vote.  During the Depression, they made great strides, becoming the biggest party in Germany. The violent vagabond from Vienna stood election and lost significantly twice against Hidenberg, a man of Prussian honor. 

However, the aging President named this recent recipient of German citizenship as Chancellor, the No.2 man in German government.
The new Chancellor had its "Capitol Hill" grazed with extreme
secrecy. He blamed the Communists. He then propogated anti-semitism because most Communist movement leaders were of Jewish descent,even though they suppresed judaism. However, all Germans perceived  was the rapid growth of communistic insurgency. 
Through deceit,underground terror  and   seduction,the art school reject quietly exterminated representative government and human rights.The one-time Bavarian Street Artist  imposed quotas to limit disproportionate 
Jewish presence.

After Hidenburg died, the man of peasant stock expedited tyranny. The beer joint rebel was now unquestionably head of state. No
one could stop him except the military old guard. In a cunning move, this lance corporal eighteen years removed kicked them upstairs and promoted his sycophants. Deemed not fit to lead privates in his last military stint, the high school dropout would now command a highly mechanized ten million man military. 
In 1913, he left Austria a tramp. Twenty-five years later, he came back a dictator, annexing that country into the Fatherland.

A few years later the former homeless man  had half the industrialized world under his rule.The third party third rate politician and street corner orator had the whole world gasping for breath. 
30 months later, he only had a bunker to rule. Despite his affinity for animals, the once-aspiring architect was hugely responsible for a war that killed 60 million people. His cowardly suicide  took place on a paganistic satanic holiday

The name of this genocidal psychopath  was Adolph Hitler.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426