Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Defeat Of BAR IMPERIALISM Takes Precedence To Other Conspiracies' Defeat-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen,                                       July 5th, 2014

           The damages retrial for last year's Apple vs. Samsung legal battle has recently concluded. Apple Inc.(stockholders, customers, vendors, contractors, employees) paid its attorneys $62 million. This staggering fee does not include Apple's payroll payment on in-house attorneys. 

Over $1.5 million WAS earmarked between the two firms for photocopying documents during the discovery process.

If anyone still believes that the BAR Associations is not ruling, ruining, and running America, particularly to the ground, then that individual(s) are either naïve or "on the take". 
If anyone truly believes that the legal system is not dysfunctional, degenerate, and sociopathic, then that individual(s) are either naïve or "on the take". 
If anyone truly believes the legal profession serves the people and representative governance, then that individual(s) are either naïve or "on the take." 

It is time Americans look at the largest picture. BAR IMPERIALISM is an ANATHEMA and it must die. There is no mention of attorney or even lawyer in the United States Constitution. Yet they have reduced so many Americans to either "privileged" or "serf" status. 

BAR IMPERIALISM is a conspiracy that enslaves all Americans. Its conspiracy supersedes all conspiracies in importance, and the defeat of this conspiracy takes precedence. No other issue can ever be properly resolved until this menace is eradicated.

                                          Very Truly Yours,
                                           Harsha Sankar
                                           908 Valley Ridge Road
                                           Covington,Virginia 24426

State-Sanctioned Psychiatric Treatment Is State-Sponsored Terrorism-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen,                                  July 1st, 2014

           It seems in this day and time there is so much clamour about mental health issues and treatment. The crusade for expanded mental health treatment is always a prelude for abuse. People sometimes cite that need also as a cover for their inadequacies. This must stop. 

            Mental health therapy should be kept absolutely personal. Therapists are not part of the judicial system and corrections. Therapists who practice in accordance to The Hippocratic Oath are never supposed to control and punish the people whom they are supposed to serve. Because of that principle, a therapist should never collaborate with those who do. Judges and police punish while therapist heal. Forced psychiatric treatment is unwarranted and is not symptomatic of a relatively free society. While it is permissible for people to cite mental health issues to lessen punishment for an alleged crime, people who seek this type of treatment require total privacy and anonymity. 
Psychiatric treatment on many occasions makes matters worse for the patient. It is unfortunately too often that psychiatric abuse has inflicted harm to people in terms of social status, reputation, emotional well-being, physical and neurological health.

       The promotion of disability and impairment are strictly forbidden by The Hippocratic Oath in the field of medicine. It should remain so. Even a criminal needs to be protected from medical harm. There simply is no psychiatric solution to emotional pain, character and psychological issues, and even criminal behaviour. 

             Anti-psychotic medications(neuroleptics and atypical) should be banned. These "dopamine blockers" have wreaked havoc and devastation among so many
unsuspecting patients. In addition, ECT treatment should have limited application to those who have severe substance addiction and obviously multiple doctors need to provide approval.

            In China and in many of the "Islamic" states, the practice of medicine is used for punishment and control purposes. That  should never happen in the USA.

                                        Very Truly Yours,

                                        Harsha Sankar
                                        908 Valley Ridge Road
                                        Covington, Virginia 24426

The Establishment And Maintenance Of Anti-Christ Systems Serve As Harbingers-By Harsha Sankar

  Dear Citizen,                December 26th, 2013

           As the whole world observed Christmas, I watched excerpts of two of my favorite movies The Omen and Damien:Omen II. These movies dealt with the early years of the Anti-Christ. While both movies delved into the arena of the supernatural, both movies gave realistic accounts of The Beast's childhood. 

         I occasionally study about The Bible for the sake of knowledge and information. It talks about Satan and the Anti-Christ(s) in the Book of Revelation. As I understand it, its passages about the Anti-Christ(s) cannot be taken too literally. The apostles who cited the Son of Man,in my view, provided guidelines in its description.

        If I believed in the existence of Satan and the Anti-Christ,I would label the worldwide BAR Associations and the International Banking Cartel that owns the Federal Reserve as Satanic and as truly Instruments of  The Devil. That's why Jesus condemned Lawyers and Money-Changers! In his time, nearly all said he was radical and mad. It is only because he knew that their organized union would perpetuate tyranny,the true creation of Satan!
        Jesus preached Free Will! He believed in individual rights and his/her right to have direct access to governance and to God! Yet the BAR denies our right of direct access(habeas corpus) to Courts. The American Constitution was written for all American citizens and it guarantees that any American has the right to provide counsel to any other American in a Court Of Law in criminal cases. Yet the American Branch of the world-wide BAR Associations deprives the American citizens of this right as it limits the role of Assistance of Counsel to BAR Attorneys.  

       For those who believe in the concept of Satan, heed these words. The New World Order is here. The World Trade Organization has just gained unprecedented authority and there is no going back.
        The Bible,in my estimation,talks about the Luciferian One-World Government being gradually ushered in. The gospel talks about one-world governance, not as a single entity, but rather as a concept that people will unwittingly embrace without realizing that it is merely an export from Satan.

        People will willingly allow the debauchery of our money and our rights from the Internationalist Fed & BAR. With the FED controlling the world's currencies and the BAR controlling the world's legal systems, it is only a matter of time before the entire world is reduced to abject submission. The Anti-Christ systems will not come across as heinous or evil but rather it will be marketed as attractive and appealing.

       Always remember that the Color of Money & and the Color of Law will pave the way and soften the ground for the lawlessness that is needed to usher in the New World Order.Individual rights and sovereignty will be relics of the past.

       Jesus warned about non-representative organizations peddling influences to the "masses", infecting people with irrational collectivism that only elites(e.g. ex. attorneys) know what's best for the people. Jesus insisted that all individuals have not just the right but the responsibility to think for oneself.

      As a Hindu, I do not believe that Jesus was "God". However,most of the teachings and prophecies of the Bible cannot be denied.

     It's in the Bible. Read,Learn,Understand! 

                                                                              Very Truly Yours,

                                                                              Harsha Sankar
                                                                              908 Valley Ridge Road
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