Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Labeling Of Emotional Strife Is A Sign Of Totalitarianism-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, September 2009

Police and psychiatric ward's incidents brings to light the dark side of mental health treatment, psychiatric abuse.

Labeling should not occur. Psychotherapists are to advise, with total emphasis on privacy and anonymity, how to cope with and rebound from temporary difficulties. Labels contradict this and the Hippocratic Oath. Helping people with their plight, instead of taking advantage, is in order.

Legal system involvement in mental health is prelude to psychiatric abuse. All should be treated alike with an individual’s emotional well-being regarded as outside all legal confines. All partnerships between law enforcement and “mental health” organizations should be abolished. Therapists heal. Law enforcement punishes.

Many who sought assistance for distress have instead received toxic drugging and other degrading treatment. This is despicable because vulnerable people are adversely affected. Labeling “pour salts on wounds”. People in unfortunate circumstances should not be stigmatized as “mentally ill”.

The following should be adhered to strictly.

1. If an individual sees a therapist, all interactions are to take place in the confines of that therapist's office during the appointed times only. If a patient needs "emergency care", that patient can admit himself/herself into the proper facilities without that doctor's involvement. In another words, hospitalizing a patient after consultations is a prohibitive practice.

2. The therapists' relationship with all patients should be a strictly arms-length, completely detached doctor-patient relationship and that too during appointed times only. Patient's problems can never be the doctor's problem, otherwise objectivity and professional integrity would be compromised in providing the best advice possible.

3. The therapist is not to have any association with the patient's immediate family members,unless it is doctor-patient.

4. All interactions between therapist and patient stays between therapist and patient.Unless specifically authorized, certain specific information can be released to third-party sources at the patient's consent. With the exception of these rare cases, the therapist is not to discuss about the patient to anyone.

5. Other than secretary/receptionist and other necessary billing personnel, the identity of the patient is never to be divulged.

6. All fees and services should be firmly established from the onset.

7. All advice provided by the therapist should be rooted with seriousness and credibility based on his/her expertise. Therefore, a doctor should be prohibited from significantly changing the initial required prescription of medicine. Experimentation will expose the patient to unwarranted harm. If the patient is not satisfied with the prescription of medicine, then that patient should be advised to consult another doctor.

With attorneys in all government branches, the lawyer-lobbyist regime reduces the FDA as puppets to the pharmaceutical industry as psychiatry PAC’s constantly expand their territory. Psychiatric abuse will endure.

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Real Enemies Are Always Within-A Harsha Sankar Article

Dear Citizen, May 2009

As a $1.7 million lawsuit was filed in Roanoke County,Virginia over a tragic vehicular death, questions need to be raised.

Why does America need these legal actions when jobs and wealth are evaporating?

Do lawsuits for vast non-documented monetary sums over non-economic loss transform America from a constitutional republic to a caste-like society headed by attorneys?

Do this and similar legal actions have a corrupting influence on society, as the mantra of “wealth without work” is perpetuated?

Moreover, do these measures create disincentives for Americans to do productive work and operate small businesses?

Do money–driven lawsuits encourage unethical conflicts of interest as significant financial and personal stakes are entertained?

Is promiscuity and lack of adherence to established standards bred as the principle of law is constantly derailed?

Finally, does this makes the judiciary, government’s “passive branch”, imperial as it is given unlimited power?

Judicial imperialism is terrorism, and it affects Americans far more than Al–Queda ever

Who are America's real enemies? Is it the Russian or Chinese? Or is it the Taliban or other Islamofascists? Or is it the MNC's or world governing bodies?

The real enemies always weaken the host nation so that outside influences can take advantage. They are in every town, city, church, and school. Yet they take foods off the table, force many to eat its crumbs, force many to appeal to it for a larger slice of the pie despite the fact they did not do anything to create that pie, and have the audacity to dictate terms.

They present themselves as honorific and distinguished despite their conduct availing itself as shysteristic. They project themselves as eagles when their means are as vultures.

It is the BAR who are real enemies to liberty. This letter is not anti-lawyer. It is anti-attorney dictatorship. This letter is not a diatribe against all attorneys. It simply condemns the excesses created when one group controls the three branches of government. In Pakistan and Egypt, it is foolhardy to bemoan the average military member. It is the military dictatorships that they serve that must be condemned.

"Without my will there is no law "
-1997 statement by judicial tyrant in S.W.Virginia

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington, Virginia 24426

Cuba's Socialism Is Castro's Imperialism-A Harsha Sankar Article

Dear Citizen, June 2009

Easing the embargo with Cuba means bloodstains on Obama’s hands.

Khrushchev stated communism was never about one-man rule. Yet half century later, Castro’s rule represent ugly perversions of socialism. Communism evolved as monarchies and colonialism waned, emphasizing people’s access to government. However, Castro has enslaved Cuba. He has been the biggest imperialist in the Western Hemisphere. His government owns all the land, housing and businesses.

Castro had tens of thousands executed. Many more were jailed and tortured. Cubans once had economic freedom on the once prosperous island. While grinding poverty, illiteracy, vast and bribery existed, Castro’s policies destroyed meritocratic social mobility. Those loyal to “The Revolution” are those rewarded instead on that island prison.

Slaves and prisoners are provided jobs, housing, food and healthcare. So how can anyone justify the Cuban regime?

Fought for freedom. Settled for power. Castro may live modestly. Khomeini,Hitler, Stalin, and Mao has ascetic habits as well. Tyrants, particularly mass murderers, are often puritanical.

Castro’s blames the American embargo for Cuban poverty. Cuba can still interact with all other nations. Castro’s “poor policies” keep Cubans poor. Obama and Congress should say "No to Castro!"

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

Learned Helplessness Are Not Americans' Traits-Resist Complacency and Tyranny-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen, July 2009

In Texas, alphabet federal agencies are hunting for guns, one house at a time. Senator Lautenberg plans on introducing legislation that would give attorney general the discretion
to ban one million citizens from purchasing guns at sales by placing them on terror watch lists.The House of Representatives passed a bill that will make America $9.4 trillion poorer
and destroy over a million jobs. However it enables the "Political Class" to decide people's energy requirements. It also allows the Feds to regulate all home sales.

Federal government, already taking de facto control of the banking and automotive industries, now will control industries associated with production of carbon dioxide. That’s nearly everyone.

As the Feds are out to destroy the free enterprise healthcare system, senate bills calls for prosecution of those who refuse to buy coverage. A federal arrest warrant was issued for a mother who refused chemotherapy treatment for her son. They both opted for natural treatment instead.

When some citizens were planning to dump tea bags in a nearby waterfront to protest excessive taxation, the Environmental Protection Agency threatened them with fines.

Blog speech will now be restricted by the Federal Trade Commission.

Anyone making significant derogatory remarks via radio, TV, or internet about race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation can be prosecuted for committing "Hate Crimes". This obviously is blatant censorship.

Three non-partisan inspector generals were fired by the White House for investigating massive misappropriation of funds by Obama’s staunch campaign contributors.

State controlled media is the now the norm. The White House threatened a media financial executive with ruination if he did not sign a certain document, which expressed the media was controlled by them. That document also cited morning "strategy" calls between the White House and press "leaders". As a result, ABC turned over its programming to the Obama regime to push socialized health care. ABC excluded opposing opinions.

H.R. 675 gives DoD's law enforcement officials the authority to execute warrants and arrests for any offense. This obviously violates the Posse Comitatus Act which bans the military from being used on American citizens.

Why are Americans tolerating this? Have we become so meek as a people that we accept this as our fate? Have we learned to be helpless and dependent? Are we to be the generation in which the American way of life has changed forever? Are we so enamored with pop culture that we surrender our rights and yet claim we are free to the outside world? America 2009 certainly does not resemble America 1969.

We Americans lost our freedoms when we lost our systems of checking and balancing our government. By allowing attorneys to occupy more than just one role in government, we have sacrificed precious liberties. The claim by any dictatorship is that people must cede power to those who wield it most effectively.

Obviously, the BAR’s claim does just that. For all their knowledge and education that they profess, how does one explain the lack of decency and nonsense that occurs daily ? The place for registered advocates,while necessary, must be reasonable and modest. Instead it is vast and unchecked, and hence now these tyrannical measures.

Very Truly Yours,

908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426

The Healthcare System Is Awash With Corrupt Conflicts Of Interest

September 2009

Dear Citizen,

The healthcare system is awash with cronyism,patronage, and corrupt conflicts of interest. Obama will make it worse.

His choice of Health Czar, attorney Nancy-Ann DeParle, has pocketed $5.8 million from major medical companies in three years as a board director,despite the fact she created no wealth nor value. In addition, she was paid $471,000 as board member of Cerner, a leading developer of electronic medical records systems. Cerner it is well-positioned to gain by Obama's push to modernize medical records.

An attorney and client have an arms-length relationship so that all representations are unbiased. Attorneys should renounce decision-making authority. In the case of Virginia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, it is funded by a deceased industrialist's estate. The estate's attorney gives himself and his spouse authority to set up the facility. He then places himself and spouse on its board, annointing himself chairman. The attorney secures additional funding from an university in which he is already affiliated.

Instead of being condemned for participating in obvious unethical behaviour, he is regarded as Founder. Tax judges are supposed to disallow these practices.

$60 million spent on the Tech Carillion medical school.This pork-barrel project will not relieve S.W.Virginia of its primary physician shortage. It's just more of the same.

Ban attorneys from office!

Very Truly Yours,

Harsha Sankar
908 Valley Ridge Road
Covington,Virginia 24426