Saturday, February 06, 2016

Abolition And Dissoluton Of The Federal Reserve And Bar Associations-By Harsha Sankar

Dear Citizen,                                                              February 6th, 2016

         When non-productive people who neither create wealth nor value are at the helm of society, that society itself will no longer remain a producing power.  In the 1970’s, over 25% of the workforce were employed by manufacturing in America.  Now that figure has been reduced to 7%.
         Manufacturing  represents 40% of the current demand of “Temp” Jobs. 17% of assembly line jobs are composed of “temps”.
         It is high time that the notion of token reform must be shed.  Americans must instead strive to look at the most fundamental and key factors that undermine their freedoms and prosperity.  Day by day, America is  resembling a police state as it becomes one.  All three branches of government are becoming more aggressive, both on domestic and foreign fronts, as basic standalone standards have eroded.  A sophisticated form of bondage and enslavement then forms.
         In America, an individual has to pay a health insurance company to “handle” their health care needs.  This is an absolute form of enslavement.  Yet people willingly accept it.  Both businesses and individuals have to purchase various types of insurance to operate.  Insurance is merely the “Corporate Form of Socialism”.  
         40,000 to 50,000 new law school graduates are being produced every year, most of whom become attorneys.With this advent, is it any wonder why the entire nation is transforming itself the way it is?
        Jesus issued seven statements condemning the legal profession.  Jesus never said that each and every legal professionals were individually condemned to damnation. He merely cited that it was the system and concept of the tyranny by the legal profession that must be eliminated.  Jesus is correct when he stated that the legal profession is a profession that was not meant to exist.  
        No one ever said that all members of the Communist Parties of China, North Korea & Cuban were amoral.Pakistan is a military dictatorship for all intents and purposes.  Yet most members of its military have to be deemed as honorable.  After the fall of Communism, very few Communists were tried and convicted of major crimes simply because very few needed to be.  It is a system and concept that has failed the people and has to be abolished.
         That is why all Americans must call for the Abolition and Dissolution of the Federal Reserve and Bar Associations.  Both are agencies of an international cartel designed to control all of mankind.  Both established themselves in America over a century ago.  Both have its origin to the Knights Templar in London. Both are not mentioned in the American Constitution.  Both are sister organizations that were once tumors that have become malignant in the last few decades. One organization propagates the “Color of Money” so that nearly every square inch of property on earth is mortgaged to them.  The other promotes the “Color of Law” so that all earth’s inhabitants are domiciled and made submissive by their agenda. Both are fraudulent organizations that rely on subterfuge and deceit to manipulate all economic and legal action/assistance activities.
        This kind of power (of both organizations) is very dangerous.  They have the power to wipe out the rights, freedoms and resources of the entire human race.
         These organizations must be eliminated. The best way to do just that is to make this transition as painless as possible. The attorney profession is very territorial.  They will fight very hard to maintain their stranglehold.  However, tyranny wears down those who do not possess the support of the people.

        Therefore, it is important that voluntary retirement schemes, other buyout schemes and proper re-training be offered to the current attorney profession. Without this, the current “Officers Of The Court” ruling class will continue to block the repeal of the restriction that allows only them to serve as Assistance of Counsel. That exclusive and illegal privilege gives birth to other remnants of tyranny such as the Federal Reserve. 

                                                Very Truly Yours,

                                                 Harsha Sankar
                                                 908 Valley Ridge Road
                                                 Covington,Virginia 24426